Thursday, January 5, 2017

Shallow Judgment

Too many times, I see people respond, post, and interact with one another online and I almost feel cheated as a human.  While people may mean well, I think that they are often practicing what I would call shallow judgment.

If you don't agree with them, it isn't so much that you are wrong, but maybe that you've seen a different side of the world.  If you don't agree with them, it is maybe that you see more fully something that they have yet to understand.

Unfortunately online, there is so much shallow judgment.  Moments of judgment where a single fact is portrayed as the answer to everyone's ills, issues, and struggles.  There is not a desire so much as to understand and learn from one another.  There is not a desire to see life from a different perspective.

With shallow judgment, what is spoken and shared is not something that can be repeated from person to person.  Sure, it is a lesson that worked for this individual, but until you can go from person to person and repeat it, there is something lacking in total understanding.

We are too quick to judge...

We are too quick to judge others these days.  We are too quick to judge ourselves these days.  Judgment is generally not a deep thought.  It is a more of a shallow thought process that elevates one person above another.  Judgment is not helpful in the grand scheme of human evolution.

Judgment is far too common these days and it is destroying our humanity. I don't care what issue it is about, because judgment only points you in one direction.  It does not embrace the whole of a person.  It does not embrace the possibility of what could be.  It narrowly forces a view point of what it feels is correct and true.

Instead of giving judgment to one another as filtered through your own views, why not try to put on a  new outfit of sharing, listening, and actively engaging through compassion and love.  Why not replace the judgment you have with the emotions and feelings of your heart.

For to say you have love, but you allow judgment to project through your words and actions, is being a person who uses doublespeak.  I don't believe one can have judgment and love at the same time.  Unfortunately, this practice is shown every day in our human interaction as if it is possible.  In reality, it only leads to a disconnect with all things human living in our society.


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