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Starting With Homeopathy - Natural Healing Gal

(by Natural Healing Gal, Marie)

When I was in my early 20’s, I developed food allergies. On our honeymoon, in Jamaica, I woke up to my eyes swollen almost completely shut…on the second day!

I had to see a doctor there, who gave me a cortisone injection in my arm. I had never had one before. The pain directly after the injection was so incredibly intense…it shot up and down my arm from my hand to my shoulder. I thought, oh, this is bad! Thankfully it subsided in an hour or two, and the swelling in my face was gone the next day although I was tired and in a fog. I was put on antihistamines daily, not realizing how sensitive I was to it. I thought what I was feeling was normal.

I was sleep walking, for the most part, through the days; everything was fuzzy and hazy. At some point I was brave enough to stop taking them, and I felt so much better. I decided I did not want to feel the side effects, and it began my journey in changing my diet so that I could get off the antihistamine fog for good. It was not easy, but from that point, everything changed!

I began to find that there are so many natural alternatives to products I was using that had little to no side effects; whether in my diet, on my skin, for my family, or in my home and yard. I realized how sensitive I was to chemicals in general, and I began to feel better as I slowly eliminated them.

There are different types of alternative products which include homeopathy, essential oils, herbs, Bach flower remedies, and supplements/healing foods.

Many years ago, a friend of mine told me about Homeopathy and I was hooked. I took some courses on it, did my research, bought a starter kit and I was on my way.

My favorite articles on the basics of homeopathy are here:

Homeopathy is often confused with other natural products. Homeopathy is completely separate, and stands on its own. There are over 600 homeopathic remedies, in different potencies (strengths).  Several are simple, every day remedies that can be used easily by anyone, and there are many that would be best used working with a trained professional. I love how inexpensive and long lasting they are, and work incredibly well.

My kit has 100 remedies. I began with 30C, and as I researched more, I bought a 200C kit. In general, higher numbers are stronger potencies. I have had the same kits for over 12 years, only running out of a few remedies in all that time.

In classical homeopathy, remedies are diluted in water, and only one single remedy is used at a time. There are combination remedies out there that can be helpful, but each remedy has the potential to counteract others, so ideally it is best to stick with single remedies if you can. In an emergency, taking a couple of pellets on the tongue works well, but when diluted in water they are deeper acting and more potent.

Dilute the remedy by adding one pellet (yes, only one!) to 4 oz of clean water (bottled, spring, or filtered water is best). If you drop in two pellets by accident it is OK.  Be careful not to touch the pellets with your fingers, and keep your remedies stored at room temperature.

To take one dose, tap the bottle with the diluted pellet ten times against the palm of your hand, and take one teaspoon by  mouth. Do not mix with food or juice. If you are giving it to a pet and cannot get it into his mouth, you can add a single drop of milk to a single dose in a bowl to encourage him to lap it up. I like to use a syringe as my dogs will let me syringe water into their mouths. Take each subsequent dose the same way, usually every 4 to 6 hours. As the symptoms lessen, take a dose every 12 hours, and stop taking it when the symptoms are mild.

I keep remedies that I use often diluted in water in 12 oz bottles stored in the refrigerator, and label them. It lasts for a month or so, and can be used many times. That makes it easier to take the remedy quickly when I need to.

I will be telling you more about some of my favorite remedies next time!
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