Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Moderation For The Mind Body

How many times do we just over-indulge?  If you say you don't, then I'll send you a nice, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie.  Oh wait, that might not be the healthiest thing.  *smile*   Unfortunately as much as we think we do life in moderation, evidence suggests the complete opposite is true.

Moderation for the mind body is essential to our health and well-being.  It helps us run efficiently in our day.  It keeps our body operating for the long-term. Moderation helps us balance the psychological and biological stresses of the day with peace, joy, and contentment.

So, let's ask the question again.  How many times do we just over-indulge in life?

It could be with the candy and cookies that someone at work puts out.  Maybe its the extra portion of food at the restaurant or the super-sizing of those fries and drink.  Heck, it could just be that instead of really needing to tack on the extra "value size meal", we instead say no to all the stuff we don't need.

Buying the smaller size...

Maybe we're just going for a soda (or soft drink) and instead of buying the smaller one, the large bottle is a good deal.  We don't think anything of it, and we tell ourselves that we are saving money, while in reality, we just don't really need to drink that much.

Maybe we're sitting at the restaurant and instead of showing some restraint, we go for that extra food serving.  After all, we're eating out and so that's a special thing.  We can do it just this once, we tell ourselves.  Unfortunately that "ONCE" quickly and easily becomes a habit.

Maybe instead of that super extra large sugar flavored coffee, you go with the small size.  Maybe instead of the coffee or supersized soft drink, you grab a glass of water first.  These little changes can help you change your life in some dramatic ways.

Exercise and physical activity...

Another way we might indulge stress in our life is forgetting to spend time exercising.  If exercising sounds like a dirty word to you, get some activity in your day.  It doesn't have to be extreme.  Maybe a walk at lunch for 15 minutes or one when you get home could be a big boost in your day.  Maybe take the steps back up to your office, rather than the elevator.  Its the little things that add up.  You could even park a little ways out in the store parking lot and get some extra steps in.

There are things that we just don't do for the mind and body and so we indulge behavior that is not helpful.  Regular massages, vacations, relaxation and times to just stop in our life, help us from indulging in poor behavior that will only lead to health issues.

Sometimes moderation for the Mind and Body can be just what the doctor ordered.  Sometimes, its that few bites of food, or the discovering the importance of daily activity that make the difference.  We are a sedentary society and it is showing in health conditions from heart disease to diabetes.

There are so many things that we can do to bring balance and moderation to the mind body that cost very little and are not hard to do.  I can only write and encourage you to do like I'm doing.  I'm working to find moderation in the things I consume and increasing my own daily activity with walks at the park. 

Don't wait until your doctor says that your blood results require immediate action.  Don't wait until your doctor is writing out a prescription to help "mask" the failure to find moderation in your mind and body.

Simply changing things in your daily activity, portion control and beginning to be mindful of what you take into your body can bring life changing improvements.  We only have on body, so lets see if we can find a way to take care of it.  The more we take care of it, the more it will be there for us.

Let's work at finding balance in a crazy world.


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