Sunday, January 1, 2017

Lets Move Forward

This is the day of the year that everyone pauses to reflect upon their life.  Well, at least many people do this on New Year's Day.  Unfortunately, the majority of New Years Resolutions don't last and are forgotten within a few weeks of making them.  So, let's look at this differently this year.

Yes, it is good to reflect upon your life and see it for what it is.  What areas are you doing well at?  Give yourself a pat on the back.  What areas are you doing poorly at?  How can you start doing something today that will impact your weak areas?

It isn't just about physical activity, although that seems to be one of the main ones.  It could be about how you deal with stress or maybe the lack of dealing with stress in life.  No, dealing with stress is not about drinking alcohol.  It's learning how to go in and let go of those moments that build up in a day.  To ignore them, it not dealing with it.  Sorry, if that bursts your thought bubble.  Sometimes a thought bubble needs to be burst though.

Have you confronted them...

Sometimes there are things that we've been through in our life.  For some, it seems like they get an extra dosage of moments that they would love to forget.  If you have those moments, how are you dealing with those?  Have you looked at them and confronted them?  Are you healing them and moving forward in life?

It is easy to say we've healed everything in our life, but often we are just disconnecting and numbing to all that we find difficult to deal with from our past.  Hey, we've all got issues to work on and that's part of being human.  To deny and ignore them doesn't get you too far though.  Take it from someone that had to learn the hard way through Conversion Disorder.

How can we move forward...

Maybe instead of making grandiose New Year's Resolutions today, let's take a look and see how we can move forward.  What is the most pressing issue?  What one thing can you do starting today to make a change and improve your life?  How will you do this?  Who will help keep you accountable and encourage you?  How likely and how willing are you to do this?

Most people need at minimum, three months to make a behavior change in their life.  It may take up to six months to lock the behavior change in so it becomes a part of your life.  Sometimes you need a health coach or trusted friend to help you through this that will keep you motivated.

If we repeat the same things...

For years, we have often done some unhealthy behaviors that have created our life as we know it.  The only thing is, if we keep repeating these things, we're going to get the same result.  You can't expect a different outcome by doing the same thing over.

So, here's my offer to you.  If you know you need to work on things in your life, let me help you move forward.  No, I'm not offering this for any compensation at this moment.  This offer is free and its on the table.  I just became a certified health coach and am trying to figure out how to implement what I've learned.  I'll accept the first 5 people that contact me totally free and without charge.  I'm looking for people are ready to change.

Let's move forward together.  Contact me by email and we'll work on some questions and plans and then I'll help be your encouragement.  I'll help be the cheer leader for what you want to accomplish.  Don't contact me, if you're not ready to change because that would just waste my time and yours.  I don't mean that to sound harsh as I'm trying to protect and honor my time effectiveness.

Together and united we can move forward.  Sometimes on our own, we're not always strong enough, but with the help of someone in our corner, we can do great things.  I hope to hear from you.  All emails are confidential of course.

Here's to a great New Year of moving forward in life!


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