Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What Is Truth?

These days it seems like the lines between fact and fiction have blurred.  Truth is almost in the eye of the beholder it seems.  From fake news on TV and social media to people claiming they have the truth, but it turns out is nothing more than opinion and belief.  Truth seems to be everywhere, but nowhere!

We proclaim truth every day on social media.  You see it in almost every post.  We proclaim truth on news media shows from the different newsmakers and pundits claiming they have the truth.  We see people fighting about their truth and paying little attention to anyone else.

Truth seems to be something that is known to the person holding that truth.  However, there is truth based upon scientific fact that has been proven with time.  There is truth as in what people perceive their beliefs to be.  Yet, we still don't all hold the same truth.

We hold the only truth...

We all have our truth that we hold dear and precious to our heart.  We will defend our truth to the end of the world most times.  We think we hold the only truth out there and others have not discovered what we know.  Okay, maybe not everyone - but there is a vast majority doing this these days.

Why not instead of looking at all things as the only truth, see if there is something you're missing.  Can you truly back up what you're saying, or is it just regurgitated truth?  Can you truly prove what you think is truth, or are there holes in it?

Does not come with blinders...

Truth can be your present truth as long as it does not come with blinders that keep you from seeing more.  Truth can be powerful, but it also can be limiting if you're not willing to see beyond what it is that you know.  We all claim we see beyond what we know, but the evidence in our country and on social media says otherwise.

What if for one moment, you looked at your truth as the point where you are currently at.  It is the launching point to discovering more, possibly even a greater and stronger truth than you know at this moment.  Let it be the guiding force to see further ahead, rather than the limiting cave you live in.

What is truth?  That's a question I pose to everyone reading this.  What is your truth?  What is your definition of truth?  I'm sure I don't have all the answers.  Let's start a discussion and do it respectfully.

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