Saturday, January 28, 2017

We Need Balance

Everyday I see and hear conversations that make me wonder about the human race. If I was an alien, I'm not so sure I would want to explore this planet at times.  Am I being too harsh?  I don't think so.

These days, especially in social media, we are so disconnected.  Our mind works, but our heart lays dormant.  Our mouth and fingers spout off all kinds of things, but the love from our heart is discarded as if it is no longer needed.

Not everything in a day has to be a controversy.  Not everything in a day has to be name calling.  Not everything in a day has to be about politics and power and control and ego and... to name a few.

We proclaim how much love we have for others, but the words we say depict some of the most awful parts of the human race that I weep with sadness.  If you're up there grandstanding and proving to the world through your screaming words and actions all you think you know, most likely your heart is not the dominant part of your mind body connection.

We need balance...

We need balance in this world and in our lives.  We need balance badly because things are swinging so far out of balance that I really fear for our civilization.  It is up to each one of us how we either bring balance or chaos into our world.

No, its not about the other guy needing balance.  No its not about you being right and everyone else is wrong.  No, its not about calling those you don't agree every name that you can think of in a day.  No, it isn't about claiming you know all and the others are unenlightened.

Balance starts within us...

Balance starts within us.  We must find balance in our own world if we ever expect to find it in the world-at-large.  Balance comes from being fully connected to your mind and body and letting your heart have control.  Balance is not the brain and mouth and fingers running off on every subject that comes along in social media.

I see far too many that spout one thing and do another.  I see far too many that claim they have it all together, but yet balance is a 1000 miles beyond the next mountain range.

When you have found balance through your heart and love is more than just something you say that you do, it is then that the world looks different.  It is then that the petty disturbances of a day don't define your day.  It is then that your mind and body are truly connected which opens up greater possibilities than we can ever imagine.

We need balance.  Let us find balance deep within our mind and body.

Let me remind myself that I need balance in my day as well.

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