Thursday, January 19, 2017

Take a Retreat

Cabins At Healing Springs
We work far too much, stay busy more than we should and take very little downtime for ourselves.  We push ourselves every day at the demands of our boss, our family, and the other responsibilities we hold.  As a society we're too strung out on the drug of being so busy that we just never stop.

Sometimes the best thing we can do for our mind and body is take a retreat.  Remember summer camp where you got away for a week.  Or if it wasn't summer camp, how about those family vacations.  Maybe it was other ways when you were growing up, but years prior, taking a vacation or a retreat was more common place.

If we exhaust and push our bodies day in and day out, we're only asking for trouble.  I know - I did that for a long time and one day I was up and working, the next day I was down.  Sure, I took the few hours once a week and tried to rest, but for the amount of hours I was running, it wasn't enough.  We all tend to do that these days.  I'm not alone.

Give your mind time to refresh...

If you take a retreat, you give your mind time to refresh and you give your body time to rest and recharge.  Even though we may feel like we're a limitless energy source, there is only so much our body will do before it needs the rest.  Our mind is the same way.  You can't just push yourself nonstop and expect the mind and body to keep up.

Taking a retreat helps get perspective on things in life.  It helps the body catch up and just have a moment to see what is going on.  Often when we are so busy, we don't even begin to hear the messages our body is sending us until it is too late and we are sitting in the doctor's office.  A retreat helps you feel what is going on in the body and when you are connected to your body, you're the one in control.

The mind becomes too busy to defrag...

The mind can deal with stress, but where it functions the greatest is through moments of rest and retreat.  In fact, during deep sleep hours, this is when the mind defrags itself and attempts to clean out the closet areas of the mind.  If we go nonstop without a retreat, the mind becomes too busy to defrag itself and balance out.

Try finding some place out in nature or some event that takes you away from your computer and all the daily responsibilities.  Spend a few days there or an extended weekend.  Do it often and your mind and body will thank you.

I love going to the mountains when I can because I can just get away from it all.  At one point, I got to go to a Nasa Tweetup and it was like an adult field trip.  It was so refreshing.  Sometimes just going to the beach or a park or taking a short trip can help you step away from the busy part of life and find rest for the soul.

A retreat is good for the mind and body.  It brings about balance and allows you to recharge, refresh, and renew.  It should be the prescription for every human.  Take one retreat frequently and avoid the busy moments of life as much as possible.


The picture above is from our stay at the Cabins At Healing Springs.  A wonderful secluded and peaceful place to take a retreat.   Individual cabins and the owners are wonderful people.  The surroundings are beautiful and there is so much to do in the area around this.  If you're looking for a great place to go, make sure you check them out.

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