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Who Am I and Why Am I Here? - A Happy Medium

(by A Happy Medium, Amanda)

My name is Amanda and I’m a psychic medium from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Since this is my first post here, I thought I’d start with what spurred me on this journey. Given that it’s a New Year, it’s a good time to reflect on 2016 and all of the growth I have experienced.

I’ve always had a connection with the spirit world. When I was a child, I often saw people who had passed on, and could clearly hear their voices. I remember hearing my name being called often and I would run up to my mother in the kitchen who would tell me she hadn’t called me. She told me I shouldn’t answer and that this was something to fear. As I grew, my abilities were conditioned out of me through no fault of my mother’s, she was just trying to protect me from being scared, as most parents do. Mediumship isn’t an easy thing to explain to a kid.

As I grew up, I had a lot of interesting experiences, and as I came into my later teenage years, after the death of my grandmother in 2001, I began meditating. At the time we lived in a house which was situated right next door to a cemetery. As you can imagine, that house was active. There were candlesticks thrown at me and mischievous spirits took great pleasure in playing with the electrical appliances and particularly enjoyed turning my radio up and down.  I never feared it. I guess I always considered it normal.

After the death of my grandmother, she came to me one night. I had a squeaky bedroom door at the time. I heard the door squeak open and she was standing in my doorway in a white robe. She told me that she had to go. I remember telling her that she should go and see my parents in the other room because I was sleeping. A while later, she came back. She told me she had to go now. I got out of bed and I held her.  I wept and asked how I was going to go on without her. She said she couldn’t tell me where she was going, only that she had to go.  My boyfriend at the time had taken off because he didn’t have a job and didn’t know how to handle me while I was so devastated. She told me he would get a job and that problem would be solved faster than we thought. I held her and I cried. I begged her not to go. Eventually, I did let her go.

The next day, my boyfriend called after school (he was older than me) and told me that day a place he’d interviewed a day or two prior had an unexpected shipment and needed him to start right away. I was convinced at that moment that my grandmother really was there. I was thinking for most of the day that it was just a really vivid dream.  That experience was one that spurred me into pursuing mediumship.

I didn’t know what to do with it or how to develop it, so it lay dormant for a while. Fast forward to 2012. I got pregnant with my son and I wondered how I could raise an authentic kid if I wasn’t being authentic myself. I sought out a medium, and had a reading. She was so amazing. I went back six months later for a second reading and she asked me if I wanted her to mentor me. I said yes and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been mentoring with her now for four years, and have just come out of the “Psychic Closet”  in March of this year. In just 9 months, I’m able to confidently tell people I’m a medium (which was terrifying before), I give readings out of my home and provide people with comfort, closure and clarity. I’ve read a ton of books and committed myself to constant growth and development of my gift.

I’m so excited to be a part of this blog, and I’m looking forward to sharing all kinds of metaphysical subjects with you. Thanks for being a part of my journey. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

-    Amanda

Amanda is a regular columnist on Mind Body Thoughts.  She writes A Happy Medium monthly column.  This article is written by Amanda.

To learn more about her and see all her other articles, go to Amanda's Page, A Happy Medium.

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