Saturday, January 21, 2017

Are You Part Of The Hate

As long as I see the stuff I see in a day, I'm going to keep writing about this topic.  These days no matter how much you try to avoid it, the stuff gets shoved in your face one way or another. 

There is just so much hate that fills our online world these days that it makes me shudder every time I see it.  I wonder how humans can be this way with one another.

Aren't we in this world together, trying to make it in our lives and advance in the best way we know how?  It just seems like everything I see and hear these days, that most humans hate one another.  It seems like if you don't believe the way they do in all aspects of life, that you are somehow less than another.

Of course, it is easy to point the fingers and claim everyone else does this.  Yet, if that were the case, it would not be plastered over every bit of social media and the news like it is.  The question than leads to, are you part of the hate?

If you pass on....

You can't go and pass on the hate-filled social media posts and not be part of it.  You can't call those who you disagree with all kinds of names, even in passing, and not be part of the hate.  You can't pass the graphics and memes along all day that degrade others and not be part of the hate.  If you're just trying to point out the errors of another person's ways, unless you're doing it with the same compassion you would want for yourself, you're part of the hate.

What you believe is what you believe.  Most of what we believe is not necessarily fact, but in the world of those who believe it - it is.  Is that all that matters though in hating other people.  Are our beliefs the only thing that sustains us and unites us?  Surely there is more than what we think we believe that matters.

There is no balance in  this world these days and that is sad.  Everyone is divided with one another and the hate shows up in full force.  I see it from those who profess love every day as if they have the answers.  I see it in those that are desperate to bring back some balance.  I see it in those that are friends who feel I must think like they do or I'm not human.

Need to get past this muck...

We need to get past this muck we are in because it is destroying the world we know.  We need each other.  We need love in this world, not hate.  We need to learn to work together, not just stand opposed without much thought.

I wonder if part of the issue is that we are so unconscious in our day that we belly up to the news bar and consume everything fed to us.  Then, in unconscious behavior, we turn to our friends and social media to spew and regurgitate all that we've heard.  We don't stop for a moment though and think if this is truly the best thing we can do with our time or the best way we can show love and respect to others.

Let's strive to not be part of the hate.  Let's discuss ideas but do so in a civilized way with respect for one another.  You don't have to wallow down in the mud hole with others if they choose to go to the moments of hate.  You can rise above and wait for them to crawl out of the mud hole, then offer them a hose to rinse themselves off.

I plead and I beg with everyone that reads this - let's stop being part of the hate online!  We've got that much power in us to change what we do.  What others do is beyond our control, but what we do is something we can impact. What we do will impact the world either in a positive or a negative way!

If you wouldn't say these things face-to-face to the love of your life or your best friend or your young child, then maybe it would be best to rethink whether you should say them online. 

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