Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Until The Next Time

A long time ago in a fairy land of make believe, there was this big evil monster.  He would slither around looking for ways to do what he wanted and then when he was caught, he would act all innocent.  His common line that he loved to make was "I asked Jesus to forgive me and so should you".

You might be thinking, well if someone truly asked for forgiveness and you believe Jesus forgave them, then why should others not do the same.  You might also be saying, well if you can't forgive them, then it is you that has a problem, and not the person committing the wrong.

Your logic could be convincing, except - it is all too often used for cover over the wrongs inflicted upon others.

You see, I heard this one a million times.  I watched my Dad and brother go to church and pray away their sins.  They claimed (in a very convincing way) that they would never do what they just did.  They would claim the devil got the best of them and now they have once again turned their life around for God.  Everyone would shout AMEN and sing hymns of praise.

The only thing is, that lasted until the next time.  You know, the next time he beat my mom to a pulp and I had to watch.  You know, the next time where he raped me when was a small boy.  You know, the next time where he molested me every day after school.  You know, the next time he was a horrible monster and beat us so hard our poor little bodies could take no more.  You know, the next time he withheld food from us while he enjoyed his alcohol and stuffed his face as he ate in front of us.

Sure, you can say that this person was a horrible person and not a follower of Jesus.  Yet, he convinced everyone at the time that he was.  I'm sure he would have fooled most reading this blog post.  He had rededicated his life to Christ so many times that I doubt the "book of life" could keep up with all the changes. 

You can claim that he never really understood forgiveness, and yet he knew how to put on the show.  He did know how to walk the walk, talk the talk and convince others that he indeed was repentant of his sins.  Even after a thousand times of playing this charade.  Oh, he could have been an actor.  The people in the churches lapped it up as a starving kitten laps up a bowl of milk.

I could even post a YouTube video of a second Baptism showing how repentant he is and how much he loves Jesus and is forgiven.  I could, but I won't because I don't want to give any credibility to the YouTube video.

I'm seeing another one in the news these days that proclaims gays are against her religious beliefs.  Yet, if you look at the history being reported about her, she was far from perfect "MANY TIMES OVER".  She did the ol' forgiveness routine as well and continued on.  Yet, she is the one standing up as God's spokesperson.  If you don't know who I'm talking about, please just google about the Kentucky clerk who is denying giving out marriage licenses because God is on her side.

I have no problem with people following their faith as long as they aren't the ones out throwing the first stones as if to say they are perfect.  Didn't Jesus tell the towns people that "he who was without sin, cast the first stone"?

Yet, it is these people that hide behind the concept of their faith rather than embracing what it is their faith teaches.  Either that, or the bible I learned about was a misprint.

I think it would do us all good to maybe practice loving one another more, and not just buying into the big bunch of noodles being forced down our throats.

I was so sick of hearing people claim they had been forgiven and in my mind and heart, I knew it was "until the next time".   There are far too many out there that do this and far too many that get welcomed back into the flock after the charade.  Of course, we all have our issues in life, but why are we so gullible in believing this horse pucky!

To all those that suffer through the hands of people who abuse, hit, molest and defile you in every way possible, don't fall for the "I'm Forgiven Routine".  You're life is much more than that.

To all those that readily admit these people back into the flock, please wake up.  Please open your eyes so that you can see clearly what is going on.  Just because a person can walk the walk and talk the talk, it may not be so!  Abusers and evil monsters love the safety and comfort of being able to hide in churches.

I do recognize there are good people out there that truly practice what they preach and I'm thankful to have friends like that.  I saw the evil side of what can happen at the hands of a monster.  I know full well what is possible.

May someone read this and just begin to understand a little more, see a little more and maybe do a little more than the day before.  If that happens, this blog post was worth the scorn I will most likely receive.

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