Monday, October 26, 2015

Exhaustive Protest List

Does anyone know of such a list?  One that would be an exhaustive list of every business and place to protest and the reason why?  I mean, after all if you read Social Media, you'll see this pretty quickly.

I get so tired of reading this or being forced to read it.  Yes, I know I could just stop using Social Media, but I do like keeping up with friends.  I just get so tired of every post I see  being over-the-top screaming about everything and anything in life.

No, I don't like the regular news media because I don't buy into the hype and fear they push.  There is a reason for that.  It is not news.  It is fear entertainment designed to get you hooked into watching their garbage.  If you feel that is good for you, by all means do it.  I try to avoid it.  I can't stand it!

I really don't want to read all the one-sided postings and when people share 5 and 10 of them at a time, it exhausts my Social Media feed with nonsense.  Yes, I keep hiding things and people, but to be honest, that is ineffective.

Not everything is bad out there.  I understand that.  We can't live in a vacuum.  Yes, there are thing each of us is passionate about, but when they are used as billy clubs, I doubt anyone is listening to you.  Sprinkle a little love and understanding in there and then you've got a recipe to help others understand what it is you are passionate about in a day.

When I grew up, we went to this ultra strict church that would not allow us to go into so many places.  We had to be above reproach and perfect or "Christ-like" lest we become nothing more than all sinners in the world.

Restaurants that served alcohol were forbidden because God-forbid someone watched you go in there.  They might think you were drinking and then think drinking was okay and become an alcoholic.  Does that sound strange?  Its what they believed and we were brainwashed into believing.

If you went to a movie in the theater, even if it was Bambi or something like that, it was forbidden.  After all, according to these group of churches, you were supporting the sex industry.

Dances were out.  Churches that were not of this same denomination were out because all other churches were going to hell.  I could go on and on with this list but hopefully you get the point I'm trying to make.

When I hear people telling me in my Social Media feed how this place is bad or that place is bad, I'm quickly triggered to the brainwashing ways of the church I grew up in.  Believe me, it took me years to start seeing people as valid if they didn't subscribe to this belief system.  Yes, they had everything backed up with scripture in the bible and it was rock-solid beliefs that you could not argue with at that time.

We can't live in life being so narrow minded and narrow focused.  We have to find a way to let go of the fears that are preached on every issue known in the world.  Just to share and like news stories because of one things is ridiculous.  Yes, I fail at this too.

I'm actually surprised that someone hasn't created a website for an exhaustive list of protested places and businesses.  It is really getting ridiculous these days if anyone stops to think about it.  It is hard to ignore because it gets shoved in your face at every turn.  With the political season upon us, it is magnified many times over.

It is time to find balance.

It is time to flee the fears pushed upon us by the fear-pushers of the day.

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