Friday, October 23, 2015

The Skeptic In Me

Ah, you laugh right?  The skeptic in me or in all of us?  Yep, it exists and some days I have a big dose of it.  I can be quite skeptical with the best and probably rank in the top 10 or so it seems.

Being skeptical isn't all bad.  I mean, there are so many things out there that aren't really in our best interests, although we're made to believe they are through clever marketing.  Whether its politics or news headlines or some new fancy product, things aren't always as they seem.  It could even be the latest and greatest fad of healing that lures us in, but offers us very little in return.

I think it is healthy to be skeptical.  Let your mind evaluate what is being said and told to you.  Question what others say is true fact, because so much of it is made up in the minds of those that never were skeptical enough.  Feel free to say you don't agree and then search for the answers one way or the other.

Don't just accept things blindly.  We did that growing up because that was what we were taught.  If you were skeptical or did not believe what was being said, it most likely meant you were this horrible and very bad person to those in charge of you.  We weren't allowed to question, although the adults said we were.  We weren't allowed to see things differently because either you came back into line or you were shunned.  At least that is the way it worked in my family and church.

I had one of those aha moments today and my mind said to me, "surely, it is not that easy".   Unfortunately my body which felt all that was going on in that moment replied, "oh, but yes it is".

You see, being skeptical is fine as long as you are searching for truth.  If you aren't searching and you just want to dismiss everything that comes along, then being skeptical is nothing more than an irritant in society.  It is like walking 10 miles with sand in your shoes. The shoe is not the place for sand to reside.

On the other hand, just accepting everything others say without being skeptical isn't good either.  We need a dose of skepticism in what we hear and believe and allow to guide our life.  Even if it is truth, we still need to check out internally if what is being told to us is true for our own life.  It might not be and that's okay.

The skeptic in me questions so much and I do actually search for truth.  I try to find the truth as evidenced in what I can feel in my body or through an experience that I have had.  To experience truth because of what someone tells me, is hardly a foundation that I would build a tall skyscraper on.

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