Thursday, October 22, 2015

Let Me Call You Back

One of the things I've seen these days is how people go about getting off of the phone.  Instead of them bringing the conversation to a close, they just say "let me call you back."  They make it sound like something is going on and then they just urgently make sure you hang up the call.  It doesn't matter if you call them or they call you.

No one calls back of course.  They just made it sound like they would.  They made it sound like the conversation you were having was important, but "poof" they are gone.  I find it disturbing to say the last.  I find it rude and very poor etiquette.  It is disrespectful.

To me, it really says, you don't matter.  I didn't want to talk to you in the first place, but this was my only way off the phone.  Of course, it doesn't matter if they called you and you're not the type of person to really want to talk on the phone forever.  They just felt it was better to be rude and get off the phone with some lame excuse.

Communication is very poor these days among humans.  We never really listen to one another.  We don't really care if we respect other people.  We just do things for ourselves and throw respect and etiquette out the door.

Maybe we all need to re-evaluate how connected we stay to one another through Facebook, Twitter, text messages and constant phone calls.  Maybe we were better off back in the days when each house only had one phone.  It seems like we are so unconscious as a society and in many ways, I wish people wake up!

If you call me and do this "let me call you back" thing, more than likely I won't fall for it a second time.  I'll be wise to your ways.  I expect people to have respect with me in conversation because that is what I do with them.  You'll get much further with me if the respect goes both ways.

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