Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Healing Power We Do Not Know

I was watching this video as it somehow came across my feed on YouTube.  It showed a healer who had such strong Qi or energy, that he could heal people in ways no one else could.  Many wondered and tried to figure it out, but it still remains a mystery to most.

When I watched the video, I could see some similar things in it that I have learned.  When the body is activated in the correct way, there is a release from deep within of stored energy.  As the body releases, many different reactions and movements are possible as the body re-balances the nervous system and dissipates this stored energy.

Stored energy comes in when we experience events and stressors in our lives and have no means of dissipating what has taken place.  It could be in the moment of extreme circumstances where you cannot do anything but survive in that moment.  It could be as you are being hunted down and trying to flea from harm that is coming your way.  There are so many ways that we store energy up in the body.  It could just be from enduring heavy amounts of stress constantly every day.

This guy in the video has found a way to release it and I truly believe it is possible that one day, instead of needing a surgical knife to heal someone, we will be able to fully interact with their biology to bring forth this healing.  I believe one day this will be common practice, rather than something that too many think is some type of evil.

Watch the video and let your mind be challenged.  Too many times we are so locked in to the what we were taught that a video like this looks so far beyond normal to us.  It is often beyond our comprehension and so we dismiss it. We label it as bad and evil.  I'd like you to allow your mind to be stretched and realize that this healing power is all around us.  I don't believe it is only for a select few.

YouTube Video:  Powers Of The Mind

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