Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Take Some Action

All too often we want the benefit without the action.  We want the goods, without doing anything.  We want abundance without moving our butts off the chair.  I'm sorry if I blow anyone's bubble, but that's not how it quite works.

Yes, I know that things can come out of thin air.  I've seen that in my own life.  I've watched it happen in others.  It is possible and I don't mean to diminish that probability in this world.

The thing is, I often see people reciting mantras, affirmations or prayers as if they are standing at an ATM machine waiting for it to grant their wishes.  It is kind of sad, to be honest.

At times, I see people making a Christmas list of everything they want and expecting the universe or God or someone to hand it to them.  They think that if they wear certain colors or do certain things or wish for certain things, it will just show up.  They think that if they think positive enough, it will all be there.

I'm sorry, but I just don't see the universe or God as something that works this way.  You've got to take action.  You've got to take the inspirational idea that was given to you and bring it to life.  You've got to follow up those job leads by submitting a resume or contacting the company.  You've got to find a way to bring income into your life by acting upon the things you love and are attracted to in this life.

Just sitting on the bench waiting and watching, isn't going to put you in the game.  Just sitting there and dreaming about a life you want, but taking no action is not going to get you that life.  Just hoping you get healthier, isn't going to solve the problem unless you take action and begin searching for that which will make you healthier.

Yes, affirmations and mantras and prayers can all help change the reality that we live in.  These things can be used to help reprogram the way in which we see our world and therefore bring about new opportunities that we didn't realize were standing in front of us.  Just to recite the words is only half the solution.

I realize it isn't easy to take action and we procrastinate and we get lazy.  This isn't living in life.  It is existing in life.  We have to grasp that which we've been given and bring it to life.  Make it amazing.  Make it real!  Only then will we begin to see that which we desire.  Until that point, it will be nothing more than a wishful thought.  So, get into action and make it happen!

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