Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bring It On

One of the most healing things I have done in my life is not shying away from that which I needed to do.  In fact, in order tor heal and move forward, I basically used the statement "bring it on".  Yes, I know that if someone is overwhelmed, this statement looks as foolish as it can be.

Yet, the more I tried to numb and hide and not deal with what was going on, the more things got worse.  The more things were prolonged.  The more I stayed asleep to what was going on in my life.

Too many want things to change in their life.  Too many want things to improve or their health to be better or a relationship to improve.  Few will go in and actually do what is necessary to do.  Its just too easy to sit there and wallow in the mud hole then to get up and walk out.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm not chastising anyone for wallowing in the mud hole. In fact, I think that the mud hole serves a very valid purpose.  Too many people like to use this as a beating stick on those that are in the mud hole and I find that horrible.  The mud hole has its purpose.  Use it, but don't use it as the means to an end.

When I have went through things that seemed insurmountable, I've learned that I just have to tell myself "bring it on".  If I stand up to whatever it is, face whatever is looking at me or just get up and begin to walk, I know that the only way I can do this is by thinking "bring it on".

After all, if you take back the power of the situation, then you've got a fighting chance of finding the other side.  If you look at what is happening and realize you can take steps to change things, then you have a fighting chance to move beyond it.

No, it isn't easy. I'll be the first to admit that.  I've struggled through paralysis, losing my memory, rashes and other situations that could have easily left me for dead along the road.  I had to find my way and sometimes I was kicking and screaming, but I kept looking for that moment to help deliver me.

It isn't about a pie-in-sky attitude of looking to others to help take us out of those moments.  Although, there are often people who are there waiting to shine the flashlight so we can see our path.  It isn't about disconnecting from life or numbing out to life, but connecting and feeling to everything that is going on in our life.

When we embrace our life and state "bring it on", then it is at that point where we can garner the strength to put our life and our healing and our moving forward into turbocharge mode.  We have much more than we realize.  We don't  need to give that up to anyone and if we do, just go back and reclaim it once again.

Life is a process.  It isn't an endpoint.  We're here to make a difference through our life and we're here to learn more today than we knew yesterday.  Staying in the moment of numbness won't get you far.  Looking at life and stating "bring it on" will propel you through those rough moments.

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