Thursday, October 15, 2015

Forcing Life

When we face those moments in life where it seems like what we are doing is not working, then maybe it is time for us to take a step back and see things differently.  Here is a thought I recently wrote about that helped shed some life on such a situation a few years ago I was struggling through to find work.

I remember being in a similar situation to this and I was trying to force life to give me what I thought I needed. An opportunity came along and I didn't even see it was an opportunity until a month or so later. It became a great job full of learning and growth over the past three years until it grew toxic.

The point I was trying to share is that if I would have continued to fight against what was showing up, I would have never found this. I'm carefully treading similar ground, but I'm trying to keep reminding myself to focus on my purpose and that which I love to do, hoping that the rest takes cares of itself.

When I get in these situations, I tend to look for the rocks I haven't turned over to see if there are any magic shiny keys hidden under them. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the way and shift. Sometimes it shifts right before my eyes and I don't even see it at first. That's what I've found personally for my own life.

It isn't easy I know to be in the midst of these moments, but I'm learning to trust and let go, rather than fear and hold on.  Forcing life to be what we want or we think we need is like trying to paddle up stream.  You might get it done, but it is going to exhaust you in the process.

Unlimited Abundance in our life is not about forcing life to give us what we want, but by aligning with it and letting go of that which stands in the way.

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