Friday, October 9, 2015

Very Intense Blog Lately

If you keep up with my blog on a daily basis, you're probably saying "whoa, slow down there dude".  I'm sorry if my blog has been very intense lately, but its where I am.  I write when I react to what is going on in life.

Some people drink.  Some people get on the media and shout their ignorance.  Others just suffer in silence.  We all react, even if we paste a smile on our face and make it appear as if we don't.

I know that sometimes my writing probably pushes so many buttons that people just say, I ain't going down this road!  No way, no how!  Some probably see it as an angry venting place and send me lots of love.  Maybe some see it and say, I wish I could say that but you're saying exactly what I'm thinking.

Regardless of your view, I sometimes mean to push buttons.  I want people to think and question and challenge their lives and the world around them.  I don't want people to settle for the status quo or beliefs that are regurgitated to them from birth.

I think we are too complacent in unconsciousness these days.  We settle for too much that has no basis in fact.  We accept what others say without questioning it in our own mind.  We form our opinions based upon what we hear in the media and in our circles that we belong.  We think that clicking "LIKE" or sharing something on Facebook, Twitter and other social media is the essence of life.

So, if you read my blog and you become frightened because it shakes your foundations, that's okay.  If you read my blog and you become angry, that's okay too.  If you read my blog and you find yourself agreeing, I'm fine with that as long as you truly test what I say against your own truth meter.

You're free to question what I say.  If it is done in a respectful manner, you'll most likely get a well-thought-out response from me.  Just leave a comment below and I will usually respond or post it so others respond.  After all, just because I write what I do, it doesn't mean I'm always right either!

I just write from experience, my experience.  I share with you my journey and sometimes it is smooth and easy.  Other times it is difficult and rocky.  In this blog, I really try to be real.  Masks and fake smiles are not what you will see on this blog.  Realness with all its quirks and errors and shortcomings is what I offer to those that read this blog.

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