Monday, October 5, 2015

Do Not Question

I've seen it since I was a kid in churches, in my home and around the world I grew up in.  I now see it in many of these companies online, especially the ones that do affiliate marketing.  Allowing anyone to give the slightest hint of questioning a company is like the worst sin you can commit.

All you have to do is look up a review on most products on the internet and I dare you to find one that isn't flattering and positive.  Yes, there might be some, but you don't see the honest review of what a product is all about in most searches. 

I was even forced to take down a blog post as an affiliate on a product and that angered me to no end.  I had no choice.  It was either take it down or risk considerable income.  There was no debate, no appeal and no one listened when I raised my concerns.

Yet, in my case, the blog post started out with the appearance that it was a negative review of the company, but if you read it all the way through, then you would see that it was actually a good post.  It showed the journey I took and transformation, which included some of the very same questions everyone else is asking.  The company and product missed the sales boat because of their own narrow mindedness.

I see the same thing where you do not question what is being told.  It is almost like the person's words and beliefs are the supreme authority and to question, means you are less then or that you are somehow a bad person.  I hear this all the time and I'm sorry, but if we all have to follow what one person says is the truth, we're all doomed to run off the edge of the cliff.  Corporations love this to as they force everyone to tow the company line and limit what they say to the bosses.

Growing up, it was "my way or the highway" as my Dad would always say.  What he said at home, went in our house.  It didn't matter if it was wrong, inappropriate, or we were about ready to fall of the edge of the cliff.  He thought his word was the sole source of truth and you had to obey it without question.

We've seen the DO NOT QUESTION dogma play out in the latest gay marriage vs the county clerk story.  No one is allowed to question the beliefs of any person that holds a religious viewpoint.  You are just required to accept their religious viewpoint and beliefs as the source of truth for everyone and I mean everyone.  This is a slippery slope and adherence to such dogma will erode our freedoms as the founding fathers recognized.

I saw the DO NOT QUESTION dogma play out on a website where I belong.  The minute someone gave a hint of questioning how effective the place was, that post disappeared.  It was a very respectful and heartfelt question that got posted.  Yet, the people administering the site want everything to be 100% flowery and in agreement with what they say.  I've seen this on celebrated blogs of new age thought to participation in website groups found everywhere.

I question people who don't allow you to question what they say, think, or proclaim.  It is dangerous when we adhere to our beliefs as a dogma.  In the end, it erodes the very freedom and open thinking that all too often is proclaimed by those that do not allow anyone to question what is stated.

If you allow others to question what you say, you become stronger in your knowledge. You give rise to the increased learning of all people, because we discover by asking questions.  We learn by questioning that which we think is true.  Without questioning, we might as well all still be living in caves.

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