Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Finding Balance Once Again

Not long ago, I quit my job.  I walked away from something that was bringing in a nice income because the stress level had become to great and my exhaustion was almost not manageable. A job that I had grown to love and enjoyed had become toxic and so it was time to move on.

Finding balance once again after going through the nonstop stress and rigors of the past few years without a rest, is difficult to say the least.  Even after many days since I quit, my body and mind are still in that revved up mode feeling like I have to be getting this task done or taking a call or preparing for a meeting.  It just isn't easy to stop and walk away from it.

My body was so struck in the rut of letting this job consume me, that to find balance is as difficult as trying to get me to sky dive out of a plane.  Yet, I know that as the days go and as I seek rest and relaxation, I will find balance once again.  I know that as I catch up on my sleep, my mind will once again see possibility, rather than the dread of going another day.

All too often, we don't even realize just how much our stress and our job consume our life.  We continue on in life with an occasional drink with the guys, or a vacation of a few days here and there.  Yet, we never get that down time each day that we need.  We never truly get to stop the body and mind.

Some may do some body work and things like Yoga, but all too often most people just continue on day in and day out, thinking a glass of wine at night is all they need.  We all engage in behaviors that help us numb, rather then get us to feel.  The less you feel, the more out of balance you are.

Even if we get some vacation time or time off, we're usually glued to our smart phones and email and text messages.  The mind truly never gets to stop.  If the mind cannot stop the forced input, then we'll never find balance once again.  We'll just stay in that revved up mode.  Our minds and bodies need rest and repair.

Finding balance once again is not easy, especially in our society and culture.  However, if we don't begin to find this, our health issues will multiply and our anger and frustration with one another as people will compound greatly.  If we truly want the life that we deserve, we must find a way to stop and rest so that we can once again find balance.

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