Monday, October 19, 2015

Love Is Not Condemnation

My heart goes out for so many lately and this is something that frequently shows up in life.  All too often, we see people equate love with condemnation.  We see people think they are showing love by condemning people.

Love is not condemnation.  Love is about acceptance of others as they are.  It is not about pointing out what is wrong in someone else or how they go against your beliefs.

Love does not boast.  It is not proud.  Love is kind and forgiving.  Love is patient.  Love is not rude and it keeps no record of wrongs.

If you truly love others, you don't condemn them and point out to the world just how bad a person they are.  If you truly have love in your heart, you do not grandstand for the entire world to see how you feel that you are right and all others are wrong.

Having love in your heart is about rejoicing with one another and living to help others attain the highest form of themselves and their spirit that you can.  Having love is the way you connect to one another in lifting each one up to higher points in life.

Seeing people shout at the top of their lungs just how abhorrent others are is not only sickening, but it is not love that they boast they have.  It is the opposite.  Love would not do that.

We need to quit redefining love into our own belief system and twisting it and turning it around into something it is not.  We should embrace love  and accept it for what it is.  It is pure.  It is needed.  It is in an abundant supply

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