Friday, October 16, 2015

Pointing The Finger

We never do this, do we?  Pointing the finger at everyone else is something everyone else does, right?  I'm being factitious in how I write this, but it is a serious issue.  It seems like these days, we are all too quick in pointing the finger at everyone else.

We see what others have wrong in them and it takes us less than a split second to make sure they know about it.  After all, isn't it our duty to do this.  Isn't it our right to tell others how bad they are or where they are screwing up?  Facebook makes it just so darn easy to do this.

Watch people post a comment on some message board and see how quickly there are people pointing out the stupidity of what they said.  Watch how quickly they point out something that wasn't written 100% correct and had a misspelling.

Or take some issue on the internet and watch how quickly people appear righteous and better than everyone by telling them how wrong they are or how quickly they will be going to hell.

You could look at any post about politics or any current news event of the day and you will see this play out time and time again.  Everyone has the answers and they darn well make sure everyone in the world sees it.

The problem is when you are pointing the finger at someone else, you might as well be taking a gun and shooting them.  That's essentially what you're doing to the other person.  In that moment, you don't care about them.  You don't care what they have to say.  All you care about is making your point and showing how much you know, while showing how little they know.

It is sad.

Yes, it is sad seeing how this is the norm these days in social media, in the TV and print news, and just in conversation between people.  People feel like they have to share their wealth of knowledge with the world, or should I say, their beliefs and opinions with the world.

It might be better if instead of pointing the finger at everyone, we really stop and take a hard look at ourselves.  I'm sure while we are trying to take the splinter out of another person's life, the log in our own eye has to be painful.

It might be better if instead of pointing the finger at everyone, we stop and see how we can learn from them by listening to them.  What do they have to offer?  Why are they are in our life and how can we grow as a person because of knowing them?

It might be better if instead of pointing the finger at everyone and telling them how much we hate what they do, that we actually show love and compassion to them.  To many think that love is about condemning people and sharing their disapproval, but love is about accepting others as they are.

Remember when you are pointing the finger at someone, you have three fingers pointing back.  If you put that in perspective, every time you point the finger at someone else, you should be seeing yourself three times more.  Think about that before pointing the finger.

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