Monday, December 28, 2015

Surrender Into Healing

I'm learning so much lately working with some clients.  While I can't give away specifics, I can say that learning to surrender into that area which is not letting go, is exactly where I need to be.  I coach my clients through this, but I have to remember to surrender myself.

It is easy for us to go in and hold and hang on to all that we have carried around for so long in our life.  It is not easy to let go.  In fact, it usually feels like we have to continue fighting through what we are facing.  In reality, we need to let go of it.

I can remember some time ago, I was struggling with an issue and the person helping me asked me if "Could I let go".  At first, I was like, of course I can let go.  Then as I sat there thinking - no, I really cannot let go.  What happens if I let go,  What will my life be.  What will happen.  What will replace it.

Our fears about surrendering into our higher good generally look like big giants before us.  Like David and Goliath, the giant was much bigger than everyone thought.  With one little stone, he brought the giant down.  He brought fear down.

Working with other people, when I get into this moment of not being certain how things are going to transform, it is then that I have to surrender.  It is then that I have to allow things to be where they are and be okay with that.

Today, I am all that I can be and I will be content to be all that I can be in this moment.  That is the key and solution.  It sounds so simple, but it is so true.  When we hang on or fight against the currently, we're only exhausting ourselves.

I saw this so vivid today with a client and the minute I shifted my thinking, they shifted completely today.  It was beautiful and it touched my heart deeply with joy.

Let us be okay with all that we are in this moment.  Let us recognize, we are only so much at this moment.  It doesn't mean we can't grown and evolve.  It just means we recognize where we are while we are searching for a forward path.

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