Saturday, December 12, 2015

Scatter Approach To Healing

Many years ago when I was working one of my first jobs, I saw how many would treat animals that were sick.  It was the scatter approach to healing.  Even though people thought there were doing the best thing they could do, they were actually harming the animals.

I still remember when a vet told me to discontinue the medication we were putting in the water.  I remember saying, "but the animals will die".  He looked at me and said, "but right now you are killing them more by adding this to the water."  Just so no one misunderstands this, we were killing the gut bacteria by over medicating the water, even though we thought we were helping the animals get better and not die.

In healing modalities of people, I often see the scatter approach to healing.  Everyone goes for this procedure or that procedure, this medication or that medication, this philosophy or another.  They keep piling one thing on after another.  They keep going for the latest fad and sensational thing that someone says will be the magic pill.

Unfortunately, this further harms the people they are trying to help.  I've seen it time and time again.  Its like if someone can't see immediate results, then they make the assumption that what they are doing is not working.  Even though the results may be there and someone is not able to see them, it is almost like - what's next?  What's the next thing I can try.

There are far too many out there waiting with their placebo pills to offer treatment.  So many things out there purported to heal that really don't do much.  Some of them block it and some of them numb it.  Some of these things could not hold water if their existence depended on it.

When I was doing research, there were hundreds of companies always trying to beat down our door for us to test their product.  They knew that if it worked well for us, we would help them in effect sell their product because we were a leader in that industry.  Other people in that industry looked up to what we did, so just by our company making a decision, it impacted the decisions many others made.  It was like a game of follow the leader.

Unfortunately even with all the test and research data they brought to us proving their product worked, at least 85% of these things did not stand up to the claims they made.  Yes, we ran our trials in a scientific and controlled way analyzing them statistically.  There was a lot of money at stake for these things to work and when our results showed there was no statistically significant improvement, the company pulled out all stops to ridicule us, berate us, and prove we did not know what we were doing.

With people and healing, it is much the same way.  There are just too many claims out there that are not truly backed up by science.  They all have bits and pieces of science in them and are believable to some degree, but if you had to base the entire existence of the planet on them, they would not hold up.

The more we look to all kinds of therapies and supplements and drugs and procedures as the life giving source of healing, the less we are actually healing other people.  Yes, I know that things can help from time to time, but not at the detriment of keeping people from feeling.

I get approached all the time on this blog to promote product after product after product.  Its sad because I've tried many of these things on my own and they just don't pass the test.  They fail to do what they claim.  They are the scatter approach to healing that does not work.

Any healing that is long term (and not just numbing) is one that requires us to feel.  If you throw a bunch of healing concepts up in the air, some will stick but they won't stick the same if you are bringing the person into the state of feeling.

The scatter approach to healing will keep you running around in circles.  You may think you're traveling down the road at lightening speed, but in all reality you will just be going in circles.  You won't be getting as far as you think you are.

Instead, stop and focus on what brings you into your body.  Stop and focus on what truly heals, not what modality you will do today that claims it will heal.  We've got to begin getting real about this because while we employ the scatter approach to healing, we are doing nothing but causing more harm.

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