Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Can I Do This?

I like to be in control and feel in control of my life.  It isn't easy for me to feel like I am not.  So, when I do the things I am doing now from working on a client to giving a speech, I often wonder, can I do this?

Many people do this and I know I am not alone.  As humans, I think we never quite feel confident or at least many of us feel this way.  There are some I am sure that feel more confident, but I'm one that struggles with that part of life.

A person that I worked with and I, had a nice little saying.  Some times you have to fake it until you make it!  We were put in situations that usually were over our head and left us wondering what in the heck we should do about a situation.   It was the classic, can I do this situation.  We realized as well that no one else had the answers or the experience we did and so we knew that we had to use our best judgment in finding a solution.

It isn't always what you know that helps answer the question, can I do this.  Sometimes and maybe often we just need to step up to the plate.  We can't predict and control everything.  Sometimes just stepping up to the plate gives us that moment where we discover that we can do whatever is before us.

Sometimes I just see myself doing whatever it is and recognizing that the fears of the moment are present.  In honoring and respecting where I am at, I often find my way forward.  I find my confidence.  I realize in that moment that I am doing all that I can and to expect anymore of myself than I am, is a recipe for torture.

When we step up to the plate and we take a swing, it is then that we will have a chance to hit the ball out into field.  Either we will hit a home run or we'll make it to a base.  We might even strike out.  Any solution though gives us the opportunity to take action and by taking action, we are giving the possibility of something we don't yet know for our life.

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