Saturday, December 19, 2015

The World Is Spinning Out Of Control

I continue to see the world around me spinning out of control.  I see the nervous systems of most people vibrating at such a rapid speed that the body cannot sustain it.  I see the hype activity of the world around me running at supersonic speed.

We cannot continue to spiral out of control as we are doing now.  We can't continue to burn the candle at both ends.  We cannot continue to treat our bodies as if just another medication pill will bring us back to balance.

Things have greatly changed in the last six months to a year.  At one time, you could do some bodywork to help ground people and bring their nervous system down.  In fact, you had to sometimes push their systems up a little to drop it down.  Now, it is like you can't push them up because they are already wound too tight.

I cannot believe how much things have changed in humans.  I feel it and sense it in those that I touch or that I am around in a day.  I feel sad for the people who don't even realize it and I can see them headed for a disastrous affair with illness and disease.

Fear is alive and well in our society.  If you just read the latest Facebook or Twitter postings, it isn't hard to see this.  If you just follow the latest politics, you can see it in the ads and hear it in the words.  If you just watch how we all behave in a day, you will see the fears play out.

From reports I'm reading, the number of cases of Conversion Disorder is on the rise.  Conversion Disorder is a pretty heavy reaction to trauma and stressful life experiences.  It is an indicator of where our society is at.

We all have to rush here and there in a day.  We all numb out so much that we truly don't feel all there is to feel in a day.  We are too busy getting things done and not being all that we can be.  We are too busy being busy that we've lost touch with our human body.

The world is spinning out of control and I wonder what will stop it or bring it back.  If you're thinking, it is all those bad guys out there that are the problem, you're missing the point of being human.  Each one of us is responsible for this and if we want, we can change it.  It does however, require us to wake up and stop numbing.

This is not about finger pointing.  It is more of  a "get your attention" call to action.  It is more of a heads up that we are running around in circles when we think we are actually doing something in our day.

Change begins within us.  Change starts when we make the decision that we are going to be part of the solution, just not another voice of the masses.

Change starts in our attitude and thoughts of how we see ourselves and the world.  To stop the world from spinning out of control, we must begin to change back to the human side of our existence, not the blind numbing of the masses we currently worship.

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