Monday, December 14, 2015

Oil Changes In Life

We do it for our cars.  Yet we don't do it for ourselves.  You know - those much needed oil changes in life.  No, I don't mean taking a shower.  I mean, clearing the gunk out of your body.

Someone may think I'm referring to a nutritional cleanse and that's really not what I'm talking about here.  I'm talking about clearing the gunk out of your mind-body connection.

Every day of our life we accumulate stuff like stress, experiences, sights, sounds and smell among other things.  Every day we keep storing this stuff up in our cells, tissues, muscles and organs.  As we store the stuff up, our mind-body connection is diminished.

In addition, if you are like most people, you have had experiences that have put markers in your mind and body.  Take for instance trauma.  When we go through trauma, it changes the outlook of our mind and body.

Don't think that trauma has to be some over the top situation either.  It can be the same as a daily build up of stress. In fact, the daily build up of stress is really no different to the body than a one time traumatic moment.  It all impacts the body in the same basic ways.

As we diminish the mind-body connection, our neural pathways begin to reroute and re-calibrate our body systems in an attempt to find balance.  As we do this, we begin impacting our health.

Giving ourselves an oil change in life is one of the ways in which we can restore balance back to the mind-body connection.  We change the oil in our life by getting regular bodywork done on us and bodywork that really connects the mind-body.

We give ourselves that oil change in life by connecting with nature or by stopping to rest and listen to the messages our body is giving us.  We do it by not numbing and feeling all there is to feel.  We do it by turning the senses back on.

If we go too long without some form of healing bodywork, we allow all the stress and daily experiences or trauma in our life to build up.  Once they build up, we lose touch with who we are and our physical biology begins to change.

It is a healthy thing for our bodies if we get bodywork or massage on a regular basis.  It is healing and it helps restore balance in the cells, tissues, organs, muscles and mind-body connection.  This isn't some woo woo thing or new age mumbo jumbo.  This is real life changing moments for us.

When was the last time you had any bodywork done like a massage or other healing modalities?  When was the last time, you stopped and gave yourself a moment to rest?  When was the last time, you went out in nature and heard the birds and watched the wind in the trees?

If you're not getting regular bodywork, then I urge you to go find someone today and set up an appointment.  There are many massage therapists and body workers out there that want to help.

Don't keep running your body on the same oil and gunk that you've always ran it on.  Just like you give regular oil changes to your car, make sure you do the same to your body.  After all, you can't go out and trade in this body for a new one.  You only get one body, so treat it well.

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