Friday, December 18, 2015

Screaming Nonsense

We huff and puff.  We pontificate.  We make sure the world knows just how special we are, how angry we are, and how much attention we can get as we scream nonsense to the world.  It is the way of politics and the media and organizations who are clamoring for attention.

Yet, it is sickening.  It is the lowest form of communication there is.  If we had a small child screaming and throwing a temper tantrum, you can sure bet in this society, that kid would be spanked so hard they wouldn't sit down for a week.  We would consider the reaction of this discipline to the child a good thing.  Yet, the adults scream nonsense to the world and it is considered okay.

The adults are setting the example for the children to follow and from what I see in the news and shared on Facebook and Twitter, the adults are failing the children.  If you lead by example, maybe in this day and age it is better to not self-proclaim you are a leader.  Maybe if the people in the news every day would quit screaming nonsense to the world, we could begin to be human.

Screaming nonsense to the world doesn't help anything.  It makes one look like they are throwing a temper tantrum or they are nothing more than a school yard bully.  It does nothing to help anyone and in fact, just becomes a noisy gong in a band.

For those that want to think the screaming nonsense people are the ones that are the problem, think again.  If they didn't have an audience, do you think they would keep screaming nonsense?   They scream because people listen.  They continue because people have no idea how to function on their own.  It is far easier to be one of group think and share the ridiculous stuff on Facebook or Twitter or gulp down the latest news headline of the day that is replayed over and over a million times.

We are killing our humanness and our world by this numbed out behavior.  Screaming nonsense is not enlightenment or intelligence.  In fact, it is the opposite.  It is the lowest form of communication there is.  It helps no one, but it sure hurts everyone.

When are we going to wake up from our numbing?  When are we going to learn once again what it means to be human?  My only hope is that those screaming nonsense will soon become hoarse and unable to speak.  My only hope is that those who listen to the screaming nonsense will wake up and turn the noise off.

I know I dream of a world that almost seems like a fantasy, but I still continue to hope that it can happen.  If we want the world to be human, we must first learn what that means.  Right now, the civilization of this entire planet is failing in what it means to be human.  Will we wise up before it is too late?  Let us stop the screaming nonsense and let it stop within each one of us.

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