Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Healing By Listening

Sometimes the most simplest thing can help people heal in ways they never thought was possible.  Healing by listening is one such way and it is powerful.  Too often we think we've got to solve the problems of other people and sometimes listening is all they need.

As humans, we often want to help others.  We think that by telling them what they should do is the best offer we can give to them.  We think that by telling them what we think is right in this situation is somehow helpful.  Unfortunately all too often we miss the mark.

Healing by listening is powerful because it says to the other person, "you are valuable".  It says "you matter".  It says, "I am here for you".

Healing by listening is without judgment.  It isn't your agenda or how you view the situation that matters.  It is just being there for the other person as if you are holding the space open for them.  It is being there as a safety net to catch them as they try to piece things together.

Verbally speaking the things that we struggle with is often half the battle and to find an ear that listens with compassion is healing on steroids.  The verbal act of stating our struggles and fears is difficult but when we know someone is there holding the space for us to say what we need to, it is like a new world opens up.

It is our human tendency to want to solve the problems that other people face.  It really isn't our role to do that.  At best, we can help guide them to seeing all the edges of the situation they may find themselves.

It does not mean you are not compassionate or caring.  It does not mean you don't try to offer comfort and support.  It just means that in order to help them heal and move through difficult moments, you are there listening without judgement or agendas.

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