Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Body Knows How To Heal

All too often I see people giving up.  I know its hard to go through situations in life and experience body pain or physical conditions.  I understand.  I've been there far more than I care to remember at times.

Body conditions, experiences and pain are not a life sentence, unless you want them to be.  Now, I can't say all conditions out there can be healed once they are reached, but I do know without a shadow of a doubt that we can heal far more than we currently think we can.

The body knows how to heal itself from the conditions we find ourselves in.  I see and read evidence of this all the time.  You can call them miracles if you want or you can frame them in whatever way you want, but the body does know how to heal itself.

Maybe we do get past a point of no return and that one I'm still uncertain on in humans.  Yet, even in some of the worst situations, I've seen things happen that surprise me.

Whatever your situation, don't just think that this condition that you have given a label to or the medical field has identified is all there is to expect out of life.

It isn't a mindset of thinking happy thoughts, although that may help.  It is about connecting with the full mind and body.  That's where the healing will take place.  That's where the body knows how to heal.

Throughout the years, I've had smart people urge me to not put a "label" on the condition I was going through.  I know I could have done that, but as they always told me, once you put the label on it, now you begin to identify with it.  Once you identify with it, then it becomes like your badge of honor or who you are.

Go beyond your normal paradigms to find healing.  Don't believe what is told to you because that is what you think it is.  Challenge everything.  Challenge your thoughts and find the way that works and heals your body and your mind.

The body knows how to heal if we allow it to do this.  If we hold the body back, we will stay in the same physical and mental place we have always been.   Yes, it does take courage to walk through the fire, but by walking through the fire, that which we no longer need is consumed and allows us to be free.

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