Thursday, December 3, 2015

Be In Charge Of Your Health

All too often we give up our power to those that claim to know, but in many ways may not be doing all they can for us.  I'm being vague because I don't want to just rip apart the entire medical community.  However, there is far too much individualism and not enough cooperation in treating people's health.

It is easy to go into our respective corners because that is what we are licensed to do.  It is understandable.  The part I don't understand though is how we don't seek out all the treatments and knowledge that is known, rather than coming from our own paradigms.  We shun far too much and listen to regurgitated rhetoric more often than not.

I believe it is important for patients to do their homework and learn as much about their health conditions as they can.  Yet, I don't think that only involves going to some website on the internet and acting as if you are an authority because you are regurgitating information.  I believe it is much more than that.

For me, I've always been one to seek a solution or answer by changing my life.  Even as a young child, I detested medication and supplements and products that were forced down my throat.  I still detest those and if there is a way I can heal myself without all these things, you can bet your backside, I will do it.

Humans tend to be lazy though.  They want to go to a medical provider and demand full answers right now.  There is no patience and no leeway.  I get it.  Some conditions can be very frightening and we all tend to fear death so much that it gets in the way of making good decisions.

Of course, if the medical provider gives an explanation from their knowledge and experience, all too often a patient does not want to follow it.  Whether they are just being the typical lazy human or whether they just don't believe it, many times, vital knowledge is ignored.

In addition to this, all too often the medical provider is not 100% sure what to do and they throw their hands up in despair, rather than looking for the answers.  I see this happen in Conversion Disorder all too often, but I also see people who suffer from this stopping at the water's edge in what could be the cause of this condition.

We've got to educate ourselves and challenge ourselves.  We can't just sit back hoping a magic pill solves all our problems.  Yes, I know that our society views health this way, but I am extremely concerned by the long term effects of an over-medicated society.

There is far more to healing than a prescription or a test or a procedure.  There is far more to healing then thinking that if you rub foo foo dust on your body, it will heal every ailment known to man.  We need to find a balance and we need to find the morsel of truth in all modalities that will lead us forward, not backwards.

It is up to each one of us.  It is up to us to know thyself and to challenge our beliefs and paradigms.  We can't expect the medical providers to do that part for us and if we don't do this, we're following the paradigms of group think.

Be in charge of your health.  Don't just leave it up to chance or what some medical provider may or may not know that will help you.

I will never forget the neurologist and psychologist that dared to ask the right questions when I was paralyzed by the Conversion Disorder.  While other doctors had been asking questions inside the paradigm box, they were asking what no one else did.   Of course, it helped that I also allowed the questions to be asked.

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