Sunday, March 11, 2012

Connecting And Observing A Cardinal

Throughout the day, I love to look out the windows from my office and just observe what I can see. I can't imagine being locked up inside a building with no windows. I remember an office in Miami that I worked in that was located by the airport. The outside walls were large windows all the way around and so you could not only see the airplanes landing, but you could observe so much.

When I looked out the window yesterday, I saw this amazing colored bird perched up in the tree. The color of it almost was a deep orange with a hint of red. The beak and head area looked as if it had a full black beard growing. At the top, it almost appeared to have some type of plume or fancy hat. Later, I found out it was a Cardinal and most likely a male Cardinal.

The bird was so beautiful to watch and it stayed in the tree for a long time, only to briefly move to the fence before it was scared away by a noise. I rarely see a bird like that and I don't think I've ever seen a Cardinal that close. The colors were so deep and rich on it. It seemed like nothing else mattered that day for this bird.

I can't help but think when I see something like this that if I would have not looked out my window, I would have missed this beautiful bird. Too often, we get way to busy and we don't stop for a moment's rest when we should. We trudge through our days, oblivious to all that is around us and then we try to comprehend why we are stressed, exhausted and feel lost in our world. However, if we just stopped and connected with all that was around us, imagine how much that could change our day.

It is our choice what we do with our day and our time. However, I think the Cardinal sitting in the tree just resting and being in the moment, gives us a good example. Who knows what this Cardinal was doing on that day or what he had to think about and get done. I just think he was setting a good example for all of us to follow. After all, is taking a minute out of various parts of our day, too much time that you we can't give ourself?

To try some simple exercises to help you stop and observe, click this link .

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