Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Body Is Numb To Life And Pain

To often in life, we don't truly feel the pain.  Yes, we have back pain, neck pain, shoulder or leg pain, but we don't truly feel the connection to our body. This may sound confusing and like it is contradicting.  Our body is numb to life and to pain. We often go through life stuffing our feelings and pain within us, rather than connecting with all of it.

It isn't easy to feel the pain.  It can be a challenge, but I will guarantee you that the more you stuff it down, the more it will harm you in physical ways you cannot even see in this moment.  You might think you can get away with it and you might think you've won over it, but in all reality, it is hiding and lurking below the surface.

Pain, trauma, stress and difficult moments of our life have an energy.  If this energy is allowed to find a residence within our body, it will create a crippling effect in our tissues.  Our cells and tissues are not meant to be storage places for the pain.  They are meant to release the pain and difficult moments.  It is biologically built into our body.

If you are storing and stuffing your own pain deep inside, do not fool yourself into thinking that you have dealt with it.  Until you recognize it and own it, it will sit there as a ticking time bomb.  At some point, the bomb will explode and then life will often become much more difficult.

I took all the pain of my life and the trauma I had been through and I stuffed it down inside of my body so far, that I could not feel anything.  I became so numb that I paralyzed myself and nearly brought about the end of my existence.  It has not been easy to go in and feel and connect to all of these things, but through the courage and determination to do this, I have found a deeper sense of freedom, peace and empowerment in my life.

If the body cannot discharge the energy of a moment, the nervous system tries to accommodate it.  If the nervous system is not allowed to let things flow and release, than the energy patterns of the autonomic nervous system become disrupted.  At that moment, the infection of the trauma begins to permeate every area of our body.  It is up to us to connect with our body, feel the pain and move through it, rather than hide ourselves in a false reality.

Click this link to learn more about embracing pain. 

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