Monday, March 12, 2012

We Have ThIs One Moment

We Have This One Moment

Some days it gets difficult keeping a perspective in life. Many things travel at different speeds that are out of our control. Other events take place and circumstances happen that give us little in the way of reaction. Some days, just taking a step in any given day can be a monumental accomplishment.

At times through my life, some of the simplest moments were the hardest. In those times, it felt like I was standing before the highest mountain range, trying to find a way to cross. I would study it and think about it and hope for it, but no magical path was there. It was all up to me to find the way.  I had to take action.

Some days in life, it is difficult to understand what we are up against. Some times, it is difficult to even see what lies ahead, let alone what it looks like in the moment we are currently living. Often the picture is fuzzy, unclear and uncertain. What makes it more clear and certain is anyone's guess in that moment and something each of us must find in our own way.

The part that I continually remind myself of, is that some days just putting one foot on the ground is the first part to taking the step forward. By seeing that one moment, and focusing on that one act, it will get me through to the next part of the step. Leaving behind all the noise and distortion, gives rise to a more clear focus of this one point.

For all we have is this one moment. We do not get to live the moment in the future and we can no longer live the moment of the past. Although we may want to attempt to do this, those moments are long past gone. We just have this one moment to experience in life and of course when we get to the next moment, we will experience what it has to offer for our life.  Sometimes we have to take a step of trust into faith as we find that next moment. 

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