Friday, March 30, 2012

Our Road Of Life Has Many Twists

Road Of Life
Grandfather Mountain, NC
It is amazing how our road through life takes many twists and turns. I usually try to observe and watch the path that I take. I've seen some detours in my life, some dead ends and some of those up the mountain roads. There have been the times that I felt like I was on a slippery when wet road or sliding down a ice and snow covered hill. All in all, there are times when the road is a scenic drive and then there are times when it is a road from you-know-where.

Sometimes it is so easy to concentrate on the current position we are at while on our own road of life. It is easy to look out the window and exclaim this is what life is all about in this moment. We may be screaming or smiling or hanging on for dear life and it is way too easy for us to think that this is all that life is.

However, we forget that life is not just this one part of our journey, but all of these parts put together. It is the sum total of our experiences, both good and bad, that bring us to this one moment today. If we had not traveled the other roads of our journey, we may not have come to experience this particular section.

While it is so easy to want to look at the current moment of life you are in as the defining moment, take a look back at where you have come from, the experiences of your travel, and all the views you have seen. Realize that your life is much more than this one moment and one view in the entire timeline of your life. Bask in the totality of your life, not just one single moment. Don't forget to use all your mirrors as well because sometimes we need the reflection to see all parts of our journey.

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