Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Consciously Connecting With Our Authentic Self

Consciously Connecting
With Others In This World

Do you ever go through your day thinking about how we treat others? Do you ever stop and consider just how you come across to all those you meet? If everyone stopped to consider that in a day, I'm betting we could change the world very quickly. Yet, we as a collective society tend to act as if nothing else matters and we are the only ones that exist in the world.

Our days of course are filled with demands upon our time, more stress than we should endure and all kind of challenges we face in our bodies. We have schedules that dictate we run at top speed from an early hour of the morning while we shuttle our children from one place to the next. We rush into work hoping to not be late so we can accomplish that report the boss needs by 9 am.

By the time, we're at the end of our day, all too often we are anything but kind and conscious to our fellow humans. Sometimes we can manage to put on a good demeanor and a happy face, but that is about it and it isn't authentic. We're just looking forward to some time sitting in front of the TV, resting our weary body and brain.

It is really sad how we treat ourselves and ultimately end up treating one another in this life. There is so much more. I'm always amazed at just how the body responds to all of this. Time and time again, I see people come in for a massage that are so stressed, they can hardly let themselves take an hour out of their life to rest and relax with a massage. I always remind them that they are free to leave the stress at the door and can pick it up on the way out, if they so choose.

We as a civilization need to learn how to stop and slow down. We need to learn how to treat each other in a conscious way, rather than in a reactive way. If you feel like you're running here and there, hardly able to keep up with yourself, it is most likely the time you need to just slow down and relax.

Relaxation can come in various ways. Of course, massage is a very good thing to relieve that stress and its effectiveness is well proven. Easier ways might include walking out in the sunshine for a 15 minute break a few times a day, or stopping for one minute and listening to the sounds around you. Maybe it is giving yourself a few minutes in the shower to just feel the water on your body washing the stress away. It could even be taking a minute at your desk to focus on your breathing. There are so many ways to do this and the only limiting factor is your creative consciousness.

The benefit to stopping and relaxing though is that you become in control of your life. You reap the benefits of a relaxed body which allows you to not only connect with your authentic self, but it helps you consciously connect with those you meet. When you change your life, you will be amazed at how others respond around you. There is freedom and peace when we stop and rest and allow ourselves to relax. There is peace when we begin to find our true and authentic self. Let us spread peace to the world through the actions we take in our own life.  Consciously connecting with our authentic self will reap many rewards for not only our life, but our mind and body.

To read more about what you do unto others, you do unto yourself, click this link.

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