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Are Humans One Dimensional?

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Are Humans One Dimensional?
The more I read news stories each day, the more I wonder about the species of humans on this planet.  It seems that we really limit ourselves in this world by focusing on singular thoughts and consciousness.  It is almost like we as humans are one dimensional. I find that to be a sad testament to the biology of humans.

We see this at play every day of our life.  The most benign conversation has politics interjected into it as if that is the only dimension that can exist.  If someone said the sun was shining, someone else would come along and say it was because of this politician or that politician.  The entire conversation would be one dimensional because in this case and many others like it, politics has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

You see this in medicine because even though there is so much we can do to heal our own body and keep it healthy, the majority of humans in this country think in one dimension.  If it is not about getting medical tests done, taking some prescribed medication, getting a medical procedure or finding some over the counter remedy, humans fail to see beyond this one dimension that it could be a potential healing remedy.  In all reality, most of these things do very little to cure or heal us, but yet we chase them as if they are the only answer to life's problems.  We don't venture into other dimensions of consciousness because we are one dimensional.

We see this in group think where everyone coalesces around a set of ideas or beliefs.  Whether it is in a church, a community organization, a spiritual new age practice or a work environment, this type of consciousness is one dimensional.  Yes, most claim they are open to listening to others and the ideas that are different from their group, but in all reality this is nothing more than a feel good facade.

When it comes to learning and opening ourselves up to a different consciousness, we fall back on the beliefs we were taught and which represent acceptance into mainstream society and culture.  It is easy to portray that we have risen above these things and we think on our own, but if you really honestly and completely look at your innermost life, you'll see those beliefs alive and well in your life.  It is a practice of one dimensional consciousness.

The examples of this could continue on and on through infinity, but in all reality, we as humans practice one dimension consciousness.  At this point in the spectrum of time for civilization, one dimensional consciousness is an epic tragedy.  We have failed ourselves and other humans we interact with when we fail to step outside of ourselves and our thoughts, beliefs and practices.

Yes, living in a one dimensional universe is often necessary for us to find our footing and begin our path of self discovery.  If we stay in that one dimension, then we are giving up freedom that we so deserve.  We should be an ever changing biological organism, growing and evolving from one day to the next.  Unfortunately, too many humans stay stuck in the routine consciousness of life, only growing and evolving when life pushes us to the brink.

I challenge each person reading this to look hard at your own life and see what you focus on in your life?  What do you think about?  Is your consciousness the same as it was a month ago, a year ago or even 20 years ago?  Are you readily growing and evolving or are you holding on to thoughts and beliefs of something that was taught to you?  It really is up to each one of us to discover this for our self, but it is imperative that we at least begin the discovery process.  Holding on to beliefs of the past may give us a point to start from, but let's make sure it is just a launching point, rather than an end point.

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