Saturday, March 24, 2012

What Does Unified Therapy Do For Me?

What Does Unified Therapy
Do For Me?
A friend of mine emailed me to ask me just how Dr. Canali helps me in the sessions of bodywork that I get from him.  This is an account of a recent session I had with him in March 2012.  While it is difficult to completely describe everything that happens in a session, the results are amazing.

I'm not a person that runs away from going deep within and working on deep healing.  I believe the conversion disorder and paralysis I experience in 1991 is a very powerful motivator.  I desire to get to know more about myself and find the innermost part of my mind body that I am able to discover.  For me, it is about fully reclaiming every part of my body, not just settling for what is.

The account of this session is actually posted on my other website called  To read the blog post, click this link.

Somatosync is still under construction.  Slowly, but surely I am working on it and hope to be adding a lot more information and resources soon.

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