Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Prevent Cancer With Aspirn

Here we go again!  The latest rage in the news is that to prevent cancer, one must take aspirin daily.  Yep, the silver bullet, the magic potion that will make everything better.  Do I sound sarcastic?  Most likely I am because that is the way I feel when I see these "medical treatments' reported and regurgitated in the media as if there is no tomorrow.  No one considers the harmful long term effects of this practice, only the immediate hope to alleviate the fears of cancer.

Of course, you may be saying, but what if this truly works?  You may have a good and valid point.  However, why is it that we gravitate towards some type of medication we can take rather than taking an inventory of our life and how we live each day.  Ahhh, please teacher, I know the answer - pick me, pick me!  Could it be that instead of really getting to know our life, it is easier to just take the magic pill or potion that will make everything fine in our life.   It requires no effort on our part to get to know our body and learn how to take care of our body.

Okay, before I get carried away here in my sarcasm, let me make something crystal clear.  I'm not turning my nose up to medical discoveries, but I am challenging the status quo about what medicine really is and what health means to our body.  We fall for the slick marketing campaigns of the drug marketers instead of using our vast brain cells to really think and become aware.

Instead of just buying into the rage of the day, why not search out other things that may keep you healthy.  There are many out there that have worked for plenty of people.  Don't just follow the rest of the sheep as they head towards the cliff.  Learn to think critically about what is best for your body, not what is purported to be good for you.

I know, some are probably going - not another nut here proclaiming one way of looking at things and dissing medical science.  Sorry, I've been through enough in my life to begin understanding that health is much than we realize and much more than we think it is.  Consider this my rant on medical care and if it offends someone, than so be it.

Before I close this post leaving you to think I've just vented for the day, I want to offer something to your brain.  You can turn the beliefs off for a moment and just engage the brain cells of consciousness.  Check out food based healing and see just how this might completely change your life.  Prove me wrong!  Prove that I know nothing that I am talking about by trying something such as the whole food smoothies.  To read more about this topic that I have personally written about, click this link.

Of course in the process, you may want to evaluate your daily living practices as well and see what changes you could make to help bring about a more healthy body.  Each one of us answers to our own body and our own life what is the best route of health for our days.  I cannot tell you what is right for you anymore than you can for me.  However, I can challenge the beliefs that we as a population hold to be the gospel truth.

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  1. Very well said, Don. I completely agree that too often we let our decision making happen while watching commercials or latching onto the latest health fad. In my opinion, balance (in all parts of life) is the most crucial part of maintaining good health...

    1. I'm just learning that "health" is much different than what we know it to be and as a result of this understanding, I just have to shake my head at some of the things that come along. Never in a million years did I ever think that healing one's self and health could be accomplished in ways that most would consider to be voodoo. You are correct, that more balance we have in life, the less our body suffers events that require corrective action.






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