Monday, March 19, 2012

A Little Good News or Some Toxic Negativity

If you follow the news much these days you will see what a depressing entity it really is. Okay, depressive news is nothing new of course because I can remember many years ago when a song came out by Huey Lewis and The News, titled A Little Good News. Many in those days were sitting here and saying the same thing.

Maybe things have not changed that much overall and all we are looking through is just one tiny little blip in time. Maybe it is all a matter of perspective. In fact, it could be that we as humans tend to navigate toward negative news and actually attract it into our lives. In all honesty before we go blaming the news media, if we as humans didn't soak up the negative news, than the news media outlets would be publishing something different.

If you need evidence of that, just take a look at Oprah's new TV station, the OWN network. It is actually a great place with some uplifting and thought provoking programming. You don't come away from watching her network feeling like you have to take a bath to rid yourself of the toxic negativity. Of course there are some that would not listen to Oprah no matter what, but the shows I have watched on there are very good.

I limit the news I take in now in my life. In fact, I do not watch news on the TV because it just feeds the cycle of negativity in life. Yes, I still monitor headlines and there are probably individual stories that I am not as aware of as other people. To be quite honest though, most of the news is nothing that I need to know anyway. We live in a 24 hour day that over saturates us with news and so instead of us being in control of our life, we are being fed by the toxic negativity.

At the end of our day, only we know if we are spending our hours in the best way for our life. If we are just going through life without giving consideration to what we do minute by minute, than most likely none of what I just wrote will make sense. I would just challenge you to go 30 days without watching the news and see how you feel. See what happens or changes in your life. You might be very surprised as to how your outlook on things change.

We really are a product of what we take into our life each day. It doesn't mean we have to hide from the world, but we need to stop over saturating ourselves with toxic negativity. A little good news is often much better than a download of substance that makes our head spin.  If you really want to learn more about how TV affects your brain, click this link.

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