Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fluoridation Panel Discussion

This is a very good discussion between a support, opponent and an attorney about Fluoridation of the water supply.  All too often, we throw information out there as if we have the truth.  Seldom do I see people honoring and respecting one another while trying to make their point.

The participants of this panel discussion were Richard Kahn, DDS, David Lonski, Esq, and Paul Connett, PhD at the East Brunswick Health Counsel's Wellness Spotlight with Ken Freedman, D.C.

All highlights below were from statements in the video.  To see the full context, please watch the video.

Some highlights:

1)  We need better education on dental hygiene.
2)  Fluoridation started in 1945 when communities were trying to prevent tooth decay.
3)  Supporters claim that fluoridation protects your teeth without harm to your health.
4)  Opponents claim it is an infringement on your rights and health.
5)  Opponents say it causes health problems from bone loss to dementia.
6)  Government agencies claim it is a needed public preventative policy
7)  Fluoride is extremely low in mother's milk and a bottle fed baby is getting 250 times more fluoride than a breast fed baby. Fluoride consumption is through water and it is added to formula. Nature did not intend for us to get this much Fluoride. 
8)  There are over 43 studies done that connect Fluoride with lower iq scores
9)  Fluoride is added to the water because it replaces an "OH" ion (part of the water molecule) to the tooth that makes it stronger.  It is a stronger chemical bond.
10) Fluoride is a topical aid and does not work from being ingested.

Richard Connett is the author of The Case Against Fluoride.  I have not read this book, but wanted to share this in case you are interested in reading it.

I just highlighted a few things from this video, but again, if you are interested in this topic, I urge you to watch the video for a balanced panel discussion on this issue.  It is very educational and the more information we have, the better decisions we can make.

Video:  Wellness Spotlight on Fluoride

Please note that this blog post is meant as informational purposes only and is not intended to be the sole authority on the issue of fluoridation or dental hygiene.  Please consult your respective medical provider for any health issues you may have.

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