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Top Book Reviews, Dec 2011 - You Are The Answer

You Are The Answer
Michael Tamura
If you would like to see other book reviews in this series, please check out the blog post on May 4, 2011.  On the 5th of every month, I post a new book review (or that is the plan at least) of books that I have been reading.

Many months ago, I was browsing through a Barnes And Noble bookstore and came across this book, You Are The Answer.  The book was one of those that really caught my attention on the shelf.  I purchased the book and added it to my stack of books to read.  Finally months later, I began to read it and I am so glad that I did.

This book is filled with common sense, down to earth thoughts about how to truly find yourself in life.  The subtitle of this book is Discovering And Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose.  I had never heard of Michael Tamura until this point but what he says in this book makes sense.  It is written in such a plain language and with easy concepts so you really get what he is talking about in the book.

Some of my favorite sections in the book include some of the following pages.

Page 22 is a section where he explains and describes "spirit" but he does so through the use of an analogy of water.  We all know that the states of water can be steam, liquid or frozen and yet, even if it is in one of these states, it is still water.  Spirit is the same way.  Spirit appears to us in the form that we can best see it in that moment.

Page 33, he talks about how we are either in our body or we are out of our body.  We do this by trying to be someone other than who we are or some place other than the present moment.  We all do this.  It is part of being human, but there is a greater part of being human, which is learning how to be present in our body.

Page 39, weaknesses are something that people fight, he explains, but in all reality our weaknesses make us what we are and turn out to be our greatest powers.  It is so easy to look at what we don't have or what we think is our deficiencies and succumb to the weight of these conditions.  Yet, if we truly look at what we gain from these moments, we'll see how positive they are, instead of how negative we view them.

I could literally keep going for a long time about many sections of this book.  In fact, I plan to write more in future blog posts about this book because there were so many great places in it.  It is written in common language and the concepts aren't so far out there that makes it a book I would highly recommend.  Yes, there are places in the book that challenge the frontiers of my own beliefs, but I'm willing to peek into those areas and see what I can learn.

If you are desiring more for your life and searching to understand more about your soul's purpose, this book is for you.  I'm sure you will be like I am and find it difficult to put down, once you start reading it.  Even though Michael J. Tamura talks about his struggle to be a writer and the author of this book, I believe he did an excellent job when he wrote, You Are The Answer - Discovering And Fulfilling Your Soul's Purpose.

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