Saturday, December 31, 2011

Following Blind Allegiance

Blind Allegiance
Not just in the United States, but throughout the world, there are so many people who follow others through blind allegiance.  It is rather frightening to observe.  All one has to do is to just sit back and take in what is going on around them.

We can of course see this in communist run countries where the leaders demand complete control over all the citizens.  Yes, I know that these leaders make many claims, but at the end of the day, the people of their countries are not free to live their life in the way that they feel is best.  No matter how you slice it, portray it, or rule it, when one takes control of others, then those people are not free.

In the United States, we are not a communist controlled country, but our political and wealthy leaders of the day make sure they control us.  Yet, it does not stop there.  For everyone who feels that we must only believe and worship God in the manner that the religious "pharisees" do, it limits the freedoms of everyone.  In addition, you have the people who feel that we should control the actions of almost everything that is done these days in people's lives.  It almost becomes like an over protecting and over bearing parent with their child concept.

It does not stop here either!  Take a look around how the employers and corporations control everyone demanding that everyone follows through blind allegiance.  Through PR and marketing campaigns, the message is shaped so that only one side of it gets out to the masses.  We become a mass of people walking in lock step with what the management tells everyone to do and how to do it.  Yet, we use words like truthful, honest, ethical and paradigms to describe how progressive these same corporations are, only to realize that they are nothing more than buzzwords.

Outside of the greed that controls every facet of this world, medical care has morphed into a following of blind allegiance.  People sit and watch advertisement after advertisement, convincing them that they need some new medication on the market, while being so mesmerized that they do not hear the long list of shameful side effects.  They follow blindly to the flawed research studies and one sided information, as if a gun is being held to their head.

Last but not least, we come to the new age healers, practitioners, thinkers, experts and whatever other classification you can add to this list.  They preach to others that they have the truth and they use flashy tidbits of information to prove their points.  Some even demand that you just accept what they are saying as the truth, because somehow they have been the chosen anointed ones to deliver this information.  There are healers that get lost in their perceived abilities, rather then seeing what they do as a seeking of truth for their own life.  This group of people is just as harmful as the religious pharisees that demand faith to believe what they peddle.  The blind allegiance to the followers of these groups will take them to their deaths as seen in a very recent example of a sweat lodge.

Are all things harmful and misleading in our world?  No!  There are people who are not driven by their ego and fears, but by the search for understanding, awareness and truth.  They understand that following blind allegiance is not the way to live in life, because each person holds the answers for themselves within their own mind and body.  These people understand that you won't find the answer to life by being controlled, manipulated and coerced.  They see a bigger picture and they know that there are so many fake people trying to convince the world to follow their ideas.

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