Monday, December 19, 2011

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Why Do You Do What
You Do?
Do you ever stop to really think about life? Do you ever stop to wonder why you do what you do in life? I know philosophers ponder these things.  All too often everyone tries to avoid these type of people because the concepts are not what they wish to embrace. It is easier to not think about such things in life, rather than to dig deeper into our humanness.

So much of what we do in a day or in a moment was formed early on in life. In fact, some research suggests that it may have started in the womb. We learn so much from our caretakers and their messages in life become our messages that we live by in our own life. No one stops to think of just how much we were influenced by those early days and what we found comforting versus what we learned to fear.

We carry our early days on into our school days and as we grow, we learn to follow additional unwritten rules of society. Our minds are taught things to embrace and things to fear. As each of us wonders why you do what you do, we realize that our teachers have taught us good and bad, according to their own level of consciousness and growth in this world.

For many, church is part of the fabric of our life and because we are immersed into its practices and teachings early, we struggle later in life with discernment. These practices, teachings and rituals become a way of life to us, rather than a choice we make to follow or observe. It becomes as critical to our life as taking a breath, and as blinded to our consciousness as attempting to see in a dark room.

Continuing on in life, we enter the college and work years of our life. Our colleges and employers shape how we view the world around us and as they expand our minds, they teach us that which is good for us to ponder and that which we should fear.

As we become immersed in our careers and our families, we endure a new set of circumstances that help teach us what is comfortable and what is full of fear. By now, we have learned to evaluate these things by all we have taught. This can give us a good base for evaluating life if we choose to do that, but all too often we fail to question what we see. We accept it as if it is the gospel truth, rather than wondering why it is that we do what we do.

Since it is our life and because we are so closely connected to it, we struggle to open our eyes in awareness and consciousness. It is difficult because very little is taught to us so that we go deep within our mind and body. In many ways, we have been taught to deny our humanness, our emotions and our feelings, so we could prosper and get ahead in life. By this time in life, you fail miserably in understanding why you do what you do.

If we are to move forward as a society and develop as a people, we must begin to become aware and conscious in our life. We can no longer accept our life as it is and only seek answers from everyone around us. The answers we need, and the awareness that is badly needed comes from within each one of us. It is part of us and is located within us.  Unless we travel into these depths, we will never become human.

Being human is not about living and existing in life doing what society teaches us. It is about discovering more of who we are each day and coming to understand what our reason and purpose is on this earth. We're not here to take up space and breathe oxygen. We are here for a reason and when your life sets out to find this purpose, all the other noise of the day falls short in giving you something you desire.

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