Thursday, December 15, 2011

Focused In Difficult Moments

Linville Falls, NC
Focused In Difficult Moments
This was a journal entry written around the time of the itchy rash that I recently went through.  While I have moved on from that moment and my hand is fully healed, I thought this was too good to not post up on the blog.  It depicts the difficult moments and the struggle to hang on, stay focused as our body heals.

Tough moment to stay focused.  It's so easy easy to lose site of the excitement of steps ahead.  Maintaining the gratitude and love for what is possible feels harder than expected.

I'm a tough cookie, but sometimes I struggle to find the energy to stay tough or full of courage and strength.  Finding the balance of just allowing life to unfold, but not giving into the forces that desire to see me fail is extremely delicate.

Each day I continue my steps forward.  Each day I fight the forces of fear that wage a war against me.  Some days I feel like I have advanced and other days it seems as if my communication with battlefield command is full of static.  
Regardless, I offer up all of these thoughts, words, and feelings of fear.  I send out love to these areas of my life so they may heal and grow.  I ask that my focus remain steadfast so that the winds of the moment not sway me from my path.  In the end, I will come to know that this too shall pass.

If you are going through a difficult moment, keep reminding yourself that this too shall pass.  While that may sound simple and over rated, it does help to keep your mind focused and not get taken under by the difficulties of life.  I've been through some moments of hell in my life and I do not write these words without the understanding of what they truly mean.

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