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Blame Someone, Blame Anyone

Blame Someone
Blame Anyone
All too often in a day, I see in our society and even throughout the world, humans finding some entity to blame.  Everyone wants to blame someone or blame anyone, but they never look at the any part of their own life that could be a contributor.  Often, humans do not even realize that they are doing this or that they are part of the collective energy of blame.

It's easy to focus on the person making the accusation or the person that was negligent.  It's easy to blame the ones that the mob hails in society as the person(s) we should hold as responsible.  What is difficult to do every day, is to quit blaming people and start living one's life to the fullest.

I do find it amazing that we often blame things that are entities in our country and society, but yet we cannot walk up to these entities and touch them.  Even though they exist, they really do not.  Take for instance, the economy.  It affects every person, but it is made of each person it affects.  Yet, instead of taking personal responsibility, we blame the thing that we have all made up and created.  The health care industry is another example of this concept.  War and the political process are further examples.

You see, we are each to blame for what we so loathe and hate.  However, as humans, we don't want to take personal responsibility.  We just want to point the fingers at other people.  It takes the spotlight off of us and makes us feel relief inside.  Money and power feed off the finger pointing and the energy it creates, adds power to the equation.  The thing is, it destroys each human and the collective society as a whole.  Our minds begin to believe that which we feed to ourselves and our bodies began to walk lock step with those who believe what we have fed to ourselves.

In addition, we have another entity called the news and political system of our day which is nothing more than putting a spot light on those we blame.  We are so past the ability to recognize what is truth these days and we swallow up each morsel fed to us as if it is our last meal.  In our modern day, we are fed the last meal almost every second of the day and night.

In our society, the abused victim is blamed.  You can see it in the children that are abused and raped to the women who have had affairs or been sexually harrassed.  You see it in the people who dare to stand up and call someone out for their corruption.  You see it in the corporations that manage their image through public relations and advertising.  It is evident in those we don't understand or who are different than us. If you look around and open your eyes, you will see its existence in many areas.

Greed through control and manipulation is at the heart of blame.  I so remember growing up in a family that always had to blame someone.  It was reinforced by a church that had to blame anyone they felt was warranted.  It did not make us better people.  In fact, it made us into the same monsters that we so hated.  It was the way to live in life and by blaming someone, it was the way to become accepted into the group.

I'm sure there are many reading this that will first say, I don't do this.  The problem is everyone else.  The problem is this group or that group, not me!  Yet, I offer to you that we all share this blame.  How we lead our life and how much we allow ourselves to focus on greed and control rather than being human, is just as much a part of the problem as anyone that angers us.  Unless we are becoming part of the solution in our own life, we are part of the problem.  The entities that we blame are not somewhere floating around us.  They are part of us.  They are us!

Being human is about learning to live in awareness and consciousness.  It is not about getting sucked up in the energy of the day that feeds upon us like a black hole.  Being human is not about blame and it is not about control and manipulation.  It is about becoming more honest with our self, understanding all there is about who we are and what our purpose is on earth.  It isn't about singing happy thoughts all day long, but being aware enough about our existence that we truly know who we are in that moment.  Then, from that point forward, we are not blaming others but instead we are continually striving to learn more about who we are and the impact we have on our world.

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