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Law Of Attraction Is Not A Christmas List

Law Of Attraction
Even though it is Christmas and the time to make and send your Christmas list to Santa, this is not a time to confuse the practice with abundance or the law of attraction.  Abundance is not about making a list of things you want and then expecting the universe to have them show up in your front yard.  I'm always amazed at the way people view abundance, even the people who teach these concepts for mega millions.

Even in the midst of conversations with people solely focused on abundance, they will claim that they do not equate abundance with a Christmas list, but yet they will turn around and teach this very same thing.  It is sad because as I have stated previously, abundance is about so much more than making a list and waiting for it to happen.  It truly is much more.

Aligning Yourself
Abundance is a state of being or a state of where you are at in your mind.  It is aligning yourself up with your true purpose for your life and becoming aware and conscious of what that is.  It is not about making a list of things that you feel you need, want or desire and then offering it up to the universe (or some higher power or God) and expecting the Fedex truck to deliver it to you.  Sorry, if I'm blowing your bubble, but we need to really be honest with the law of attraction and abundance.

The other day I read about a person using the law of attraction to find the "perfect" guy.  Alarms went off in my head the minute she stated "perfect" as a requirement for what she wanted.  Her list went on to state many physical and social characteristics of the person.  She was concerned that someone she was seeing did not match up to her list although this guy clearly loves her.  It left her wondering whether to accept someone like this or hold out for the perfect person.

I was shocked that someone would proclaim to understand the law of attraction and then dictate to the universe what they felt they needed, desired and wanted.  How selfish and misguided is that, I thought.  First off, if we go through life with such a narrow view of everything we want, we'll most likely miss the joy that is right in front of us.  Second, while it is great to have an idea of what you want in a relationship, if you're not careful, it can blind you to missing something wonderful before you.  If I would have made a list and been looking for the perfect person I wanted to be with, I would have missed the wonderful individual that I have gotten to know in life.  Our hearts were open to sharing love with another individual and we met unexpectedly without even knowing it was happening.

Our Life's Purpose
Let's get back to the law of attraction for a minute.  I believe it is more about finding our life's purpose and reason for coming to this world, and as we do that, we fall into the stream of what is needed to help us accomplish it.  Our life's purpose is not about getting a bigger paycheck or surprise vacation.  Our life's purpose is not about getting a new car, or the perfect guy or whatever else it is that you are wishing for right now.  Our life's purpose is a higher calling of coming to understand why we are here on this earth and what we came here to do.  Our wishes may be prompting us towards our path, but let us not mistake them with the yearnings of our ego.

As we find our reason for being here and as we lock into its stream of consciousness, we will find everything we need to fulfill it.  This may mean different things for different folks, and it does not necessarily mean we will be rich millionaires or living in big houses and driving nice cars.  It has nothing to do with that.

An Example
Take for example a person that may be here to help save people from a natural disaster such as a flood.  Maybe they are an accomplished boat captain and know how to navigate dangerous waters.  Various things happen in their life and they win a boat in a drawing.  The person may not fully realize what is coming but they are open to fulfilling their life's purpose and coming to understand what that means.  The next thing you know, a flooding disaster hits and now they realize that they have a boat to help rescue people.  The boat was not given to them because of the law of attraction.  It was given to them to help fulfill their life's purpose.  I realize this is a simplistic example, but we need to change our thinking on this law of attraction concept.

Get To Know Yourself
If we spent as much time getting to know ourselves from the inside out and truly traveling to the depths of our soul, we would be much better off in this world.  The majority of people try hard to make the world believe everything is happy and wonderful in their life, while they are suffering inside.  I know first hand because I did this very same thing in life and I see many others also doing this.  We have to learn to become honest with our self and become aware of not only who we are, but our life's purpose.  Until then, we are nothing more than a searching soul acting as a clanging symbol in life.

It helps to have a focus and to create lists at times, but if these things become our way through life, then we will have missed living in life.  Focus on your reason and purpose for being born into this world, and then keep your heart open to connecting with its awareness and consciousness.  The answers we seek in life are within us and if we open our self to discovery, we will find them.  Let each of us search for all that we are, not all that we think we are because the filters of our life can often blind us from the truth.

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