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Crises Wake Us Up

Crises Wake Us Up
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If you would have told me at one time, that going through a crises would be something to wake me up, I probably would have knocked you to the ground.  My life, like many others, has had some serious things to overcome.  None of these events have been the easiest to deal with or experience.

Yet, I am beginning to learn that instead of fearing and hating every part of what has happened to me, if I begin to look at these moments without darkened lenses, I see a much different picture.  They truly are there for me to help me grow and find my way on my own path.  Even as I write these words, I still fully know how difficult it is to comprehend and own this awareness.

Imagine for a moment if you are walking along a mountain path.  If the path was straight and level for a distance, you might get so caught up in the view, that you forget to watch out for your path and where you are walking.  However, if there was a rock in your path that you stepped on, your leg and foot might twist a little.  As your leg begins to twist, your eyes go from the scenery back down to the path in front of you so you can find your footing.  Consider that the rock is the crisis in life and that by stepping on the rock, you are once again focused on your path ahead.  Now, while you are immersed in the beauty of the mountain scenery, you have your eyes focused on the path ahead.  The rocks help keep you from falling off the mountain.

While this is a very simplified example, we are meant in life to wake up and to be all that we were meant to be in this life.  All too often, we get so fixated on the tasks of our day, that we fail to see the bigger picture.  Many times, the big picture is not easy to see and so we lose site of our path and focus only on the scenery around us.  While there is a need for both, our path is there for us to walk. 

Suffering is not always a bad thing for life.  Yes, suffering is difficult and sometimes it gets to be more than we think we have the strength to endure.  However, most of the spiritual teachings throughout the world do lead to the conclusion that suffering draws us deeper into the essence of who we are.  It brings us a greater awareness and consciousness of our role in the world. 

On page 52 of the book, "You Are The Answer", Michael Tamura addresses the fact that crises wake us up.  Take note of the following quotation from his book.

Crises are sent to shake us out of our slumber, to re-awaken a sense of purpose.  Too often, we become so preoccupied with our vested interests that we forget why we are here.  We fall asleep, then life gives us a wake-up call.  We’ve all had them.  Whether they’ve been life-threatening situations, financial disasters, emotional upheavals, or relationship conflicts, they remind us that we are ignoring, or have forgotten, what is most important in our lives.  They make us ask again, “What am I here for?”

Maybe instead of asking "why me" or "why do I have to go through this", we should be asking, "what lesson is there to learn"?  Instead of fearing that which we don't understand, maybe we have to take off our darkened lenses in life and see what exists beyond where we are at in this moment.

One caring person used to tell me frequently that this too shall pass.  When we are in the midst of difficult moments or crises, it is easy to think that there is no way out of the mess.  It is then, that we have to look down and focus on our path.  Making sure our footing is secure, we take steps to discover more about who we are and what our purpose is in this life.

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