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Hypnotherapy Self Confidence CD by Steve Bayner

Steve Bayner, Hypnotist
Building Self Confidence
I finally was able to get this CD transferred on to my iphone so I could hook it up to my headphones and listen to it.  For some reason, the headphones really amplify the effects for me of audio files, most likely because they help block out the world around me.  I feel like I'm in my own little section of outer space when I listen to things through them.

This CD, Building Self Confidence,  is one that I got through a hypnotist by the name of Steve Bayner.  He performed at the Volusia County Fair in November 2011.  I was intrigued by him and when he took the audience through the warm up exercise to see who might be a good candidate to come up on stage, I ended up being one of those people.  I'm still surprised that I had the courage to go up on stage because I usually shy away from anything that is in front of people.  Self confidence is one of those parts of my life that was desecrated many years ago.

Throughout the night, I had such an amazing connection to the hypnotherapy.  It was the first time that I experienced it and the level of deep relaxation I experienced was phenomenal.  After all, while I have a fuzzy memory of the experience, I know that I went out deep.  After it was over, it took me some time to really come back to in alertness.  Normally in a big crowd of people such as was present that night, I would have been very agitated.  Instead, I found myself amazingly calm and enjoying all the people around me.  This experience did have a great impact on me.

I just received the Building Self Confidence CD and I've got to say, I'm glad I bought it and had this experience at the fair.  As I was listening to it today, I found myself going way out into deep relaxation.  When I came to at the end of the CD, I was amazed at just how relaxed I was.  In fact, I had taken my pulse before this using my pulse meter, and it was around 93.  After the CD finished, my pulse had come down to 80.  This amazing drop in my pulse rate was in the time of the CD which is about 30 minutes.

Where this hypnotherapy self confidence CD will take me, I'm not sure.  However, I like the beginning results so far and the relaxation is well worth the time I spend listening to it.  Steve Bayner is very talented and for some reason I really connect to his voice.  He sounds very compassionate to me. 

I do realize that the results will be up to what I do and how much I truly use this CD to allow my life to change.  I know that no one can change my life for me.  While it is fine to allow others to help assist me in changing my life, I know that the changes come from within me.  Steve Bayner honors and respects this concept, which is one of the reasons that I am drawn to it.

Until now, I had always been afraid of hypnotherapy for fear that some devious person would put the wrong thoughts into my head.  I'm sure there are ones out there that do this, much like many new age people that prey upon people.  In this case though, I do not see anything or hear anything that would be cause for alarm as I listen to this audio.

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  1. Self-confidence requires people to be confident in themselves without the support of other people's opinions.

  2. @Pete Duffin - I did approve this but please in the future follow the comment policy and don't place links in the comment. You are free to link within your name. Thank you for following the policy of this site.

    Self confidence is in itself, what you know and believe within yourself. In essence, that is without the support of other people's opinions.

  3. There are remarakbly few hypnotists who would purposely make harmful suggestions. There's no purpose to be served, and it's simply bad for business. Hypnosis cannot be used to 'force' someone to do anything contrary to their own basic morals. That you did some things surprising to you in a stage show simply reveals your basic instincts.

  4. @steve thanks for the great comment. I can see by the CD I am listening to that it is all about the messages I tell myself. I always thought that they somehow manipulated your thinking but I'm seeing with Steve Bayner, that it is about me giving messages to myself. I love the basic instincts thought about a the stage show. To me, it shows what I can be without all the inhibitions I place on my life.






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