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Life Is Always There Giving

Life Is Always Giving
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Sometimes it is easy to question if we are truly connected to life or if life is connected to us.  There are so many abundance courses on the internet and new age gurus trying to convince everyone that you need to spend thousands of dollars to get somewhere in life.  While I know people purport to have stories that prove the validity of these things, I remain in question as to these "products" being the best thing since sliced bread.

In the book, You Are The Answer by Miachel Tamura, he states the following which I believe is a core truth of being connected to life in an abundant way.

Page 49 - Life is always there, giving; the only question is whether we are there to share in it.  At this stage of fulfilling our soul purpose, our needs become the needs of fulfilling life’s own purpose instead of our personal needs.  We begin to realize that, if we ask life to provide us with what we need to fulfill life’s purpose, it will provide us first with all that we need personally. After all, if we don’t survive, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill any other purpose, would we?

I think the approach that abundance is about connecting with more money and more things, is misguided at best.  Just like many followers of these practices, it comes across or gives the appearance that abundance, is like going to the catalog and ordering whatever it is that you feel you need or want.  I know that these same places will tell you all day long that it is more than that, but yet if you boil down what they promote, it is one and the same.  I'm sorry if I am stepping on toes here, but I truly believe people are missing the boat!

See, what I believe Michael Tamura is saying transcends the catalog approach to abundance.  In this quoted section, it is our life's purpose and the intent to discover that purpose that gives us the sustenance or abundance that we need.  It is more than opening a catalog and placing the order or thinking about that which we feel we need (new car, bigger paycheck, vacation, etc).

Even though this can make sense in a logical way, when you are tested through time to discover and fulfill your life's purpose, only then will this become a reality.  We all want to know the answers to our life and we all want to know our path ahead, but the way we find this is by getting to know our self deeper and more fully.  We connect into our own abundance by discovering our purpose and finding our way through life.  No one can tell us what that is.  It is only through becoming aware of who we are and connecting to our consciousness, that we can find the answers we need.

When we find what our life's purpose is, the rest of it will fall into place.  Our needs will be met and our life will be fulfilled as we connect to this true source within our consciousness.  I know it can get rough in life to allow things to unfold as they often do, but sometimes that is all part of building our path forward.  Life is always there giving to our days.  The key in life is to be patient long enough and have our eyes open, so when we connect with life's purpose, we will know it at first glance.

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